September 18, 2020

Happy Friday, Panthers!

We have successfully completed more than four weeks of school thanks to having a strong community that works together! We should all be proud and appreciative for the efforts of our students, families, staff and community members, who are doing a great job of following our new safety standards.

Our community partners have also made a significant impact by collaborating with our school to ensure we are addressing health and safety needs at a level that truly makes a difference. The Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics, Marion County, the City of Knoxville and KCSD have joined together to create #MaskUpKnoxville, with the intention of keeping our businesses and schools open during this global pandemic.

Marion County Public Health, Knoxville Hospital & Clinics and KCSD collaborate to conduct thorough contact tracing and personal notification to families who have either tested positive for the COVID-19 virus or have had a potential exposure to the virus. These calls provide an opportunity to share information, ask questions and create a plan. If you have not been contacted, rest assured your child has not been identified as a close contact to a positive case while at school.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the Iowa Department of Public Health has been very clear that all data of positive cases should stay at the county level due to the nature of health status and confidentiality. Marion County has done a great job of sharing the data and not identifying the town or location of those who have tested positive for COVID-19. As a school district, we know people are curious; however, we have a responsibility to our students and staff to keep their health conditions private. Considering that our buildings have 250-500 children, which is significantly less than the population of Marion County, sharing our building-level data would risk easily identifying individuals who have tested positive. We understand the public has a desire to know the specifics, but we have a legal responsibility to maintain confidentiality regarding our students’ and staff members’ health status.

KCSD remains committed to being a caring community and providing 21st century learning. This global pandemic has emphasized the importance of these goals. Together, we will endure and prevail through these challenging times by supporting one another. Remaining strong in our partnerships will help our community thrive and prosper in this unique time in history.

With Panther Pride~

Cassi Pearson, Superintendent

Transportation Update

We are 21 days into the school year and we have been transporting approximately 198 rural route students and 188 students from 15 different city stops. We use 10 buses to efficiently transport everyone to and from school. Some of our drivers have traveled a combination of 1,136 miles taking teams to participate in activities. We appreciate the dedication and teamwork it takes to do all of this!

Also, remember MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES when riding a bus and NO FOOD or DRINK allowed on the buses.

Brenda Dunkin

KCSD Transportation Director

o: (641) 842-3313


Virtual Learning Contacts

For families utilizing virtual learning, please direct any questions you may have to the contact listed below at your student's school building.

West: Mr. Klein

Northstar: Mr. Keitges

KMS: Mr. Keefer

KHS: Mr. Wilkins or Mr. Sandy

Keep up the good work with masks/face coverings, students and staff! Bring your mask every day and put a couple extra in your backpack. The school has some extras but we cannot provide masks to students every day. Parents, please help your student be responsible and bring their own face masks!

Wash Your Hands!

Students and staff are doing a great job cleaning hands at school, either handwashing or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer! At all buildings, hand sanitizer is available at the entrances to the buildings, in classrooms, in the lunchrooms, and in high traffic areas. Elementary students are strongly encouraged to use soap and water to wash hands several times a day.

Handwashing is the single, best prevention strategy to help stop the spread of illness and disease. Do your part and wash your hands frequently.

Learn more than you ever wanted to know HERE.

Upcoming home events -

* Mon, Sep. 21: 7 VB v. Newton, 430 PM

* Tue, Sep. 21: 7 FB v. Newton, 430 PM

* Tue, Sep. 22: 7/8 VB v. Centerville, 430 PM

* Tue, Sep. 22: JV2/JV1/V VB v. E-B-F, 530 PM

* Thu, Sep. 24: 7 VB v. Grinnell, 430 PM

Big wins this past week:

  • Our Volleyball team is having an awesome season!

    • They are 8-1 overall, 3-0 in the conference (all on the road so far after winning at Davis County this week), and have now won 23 conference matches in a row!

  • Our Girls Swim team defeated Perry 119-48.

    • Kinsli Carm, Jorja Culver, Julian Bacon, Kodi Cram were all part of winning events

  • Another big win so far this season has been our FANS! A big thank you for masking up at events, practicing social distancing, and supporting our awesome students!!

The Knoxville Store

In partnership with Ramaeker Enterprises Inc., we are excited to unveil the Knoxville Store - the online apparel store for Knoxville Panther gear!

This link can be found on our school website: and then click on the "Knoxville Store."

This store features apparel/gear with items from our new brand system with logo marks that have never been on the market! These are exclusive Knoxville Panther items you will only find here!

Some items on this store will stay from month to month - some items will change so that there are constantly new items to choose from for Panther fans!

Orders will be processed twice a month - on the 15th and at the end of the month and Ramaeker Enterprises will email you when your order is ready.

Spectators at Home Fall Events

As we navigate the return of school-sponsored activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, here are some key things spectators need to know about attending events at Knoxville Community Schools:

    • Masks are required for spectators

    • There will be no limit to the number of spectators at events as long as social distancing can be maintained.

      • Spectators in the same family may sit or stand together, but should social distance from others.

      • All other spectators should use six feet of social distancing.

    • Students in 6th grade and younger must sit with their parents.

      • Parents of children this age cannot drop these children off at our events unsupervised.

  • If social distancing is not maintained by spectators, capacity restrictions may have to be enacted at any time.

Our Return to Activities Plan

At their August 10 meeting, the KCSD Board of Education approved our Return to Activities Plan. Our complete plan can be found here.


  • All home events in the KHS gym and all school concerts in KPAC will be streamed LIVE on the NFHS Network! Go to for more details!
  • Get schedules for all extra-curricular KMS and KHS activities by going to and then clicking on "Activities Calendar". You can even sign-up for email notifications so whenever we make a change to a schedule - you can be notified immediately.


KHS Student Senate Fundraising for Water Bottle Filler Station

KHS Student Senate is selling water bottles as a fundraiser. Due to Covid, the water fountains are shut off at all schools. The goal of this fundraiser is to help purchase an additional water bottle filler station at KHS. We appreciate your support!!

All orders will be processed as they ordered. Please select your student's school if you would like it delivered there, or select to pick up at Ramaeker's on the square.

Homecoming Tattoos

Homecoming Tattoo sales are still on! Here is the new process:

  1. A baggie with a paper form will be given to your student (approximately) on Thursday, Sept. 15th. Please fill out the paper form in the baggie. You will place the money for tattoos in this baggie. Baggies are due back to your student's office by Friday Sept. 25th.
  2. Please fill out the online form. This will close Wednesday Sept. 23rd
  3. Your student's teacher will pass out tattoos in the baggie on Sept. 29th or 30th in the baggie.

Any questions please contact Whitney McWilliams ( or Sean Gibbons ( Thanks and Go Panthers!

The Iowa College Aid site is an amazing resource. Visit this site for information on scholarships and grants to loan repayments to FASFA help and so much more! Be sure to bookmark this page and check it often for the most up-to-date information.

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Driver Education Info.

Driver Education is offered at Knoxville High School through Triple ‘R’ Driving School. The fall classroom sessions will be held Oct. 21-Nov. 6 online via Zoom. For more information and to register, click here.

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Analyzing in Algebra

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Since coming back to school, we have done several different things. One of which was starting out the year as relaxed as possible. We played some kickball on our first couple days after getting all the beginning of the year information.

Recently we are working on getting our physical fitness testing done. Most classes have fallen into our routine of warm up walking, light 30 second jog and then stretching. We follow that up by the day's activities.

We have completed Pull Ups, Shuttle Run, and Sit and Reach for most classes. On Monday’s shortened days, we usually only have time for one, so we used those days for Curl Ups (Sit Ups).

We will finish the testing with the Mile Run sometime near the end of this month into next month. We like to run between sports seasons but that doesn’t always work out, so we do the best we can to not run on competition days.

Once we complete our inside testing, we are moving outside for our first two Units.

6th grade will do Ultimate Aerobie, while 7th grade will do a similar game using a football we call Run and Gun. 8th graders will do flag football. All of the units tie into each other and progress each year as the students physical abilities progress.

We have discovered that we are able to workout safely with our masks on and when we need a mask break, the students are allowed to go away from the group and take them.

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2nd graders practice odd and even in Mrs. Leedom's classroom.

2nd graders have been working on building stamina to read for 15 minutes to themselves! Mrs. Rozendaal's class met their goal! Way to go 2nd graders!

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Substitute Authorization Course Information

If you hold a bachelor's degree, obtaining a substitute authorization is easy. Sign up to become a sub today through the Heartland Area Education Agency!

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Cancer Relay 2020 Shirts Available

The annual cancer relay is coming up! Support this group of runners raising money for the American Cancer Society by purchasing a shirt:

Rec Center Happenings

The October session of swim lessons runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from October 6th-29th.
  • 5:50-6:20pm Pre/K & Level 2
  • 6:25-6:55pm Level 1 & Level 3
Stop in at The Rec to register. Cost is $32 per participant.

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