Welcome to Chile!

It's hot but we got beaches and mountains though.

Come visit!

Yeah, so we got beaches and mountains. We also have a very warm climate, luscious forests and exotic everything. It is a little expensive, a regular plane ticket to here is like...three, four thousand dollars. First class tickets are anywhere from $4500 to $5750, but it'll be worth it, swear.

Sneak peek of our epic dance moves!

Some of our most popular destinations!



Chile was first founded in the early 1800's. We have a fairly low unemployment rate, and a lot of our economy is thanks to the northern desert providing us with rich minerals, especially copper. Our currency exchange is actually pretty crazy. For example, a $499 iPad Mini, guess what that translates to here. Like $280 grand. Yes, $280, 000. It isn't as bad as it sounds, but, yeah, it's high. But Chile has prospered for a long time, and we hope it will continue to do so!