Interactive Whiteboard Apps

ShowMe and IPEVO Whiteboard

How I can use it in the classroom:

Teacher use:

  • Whole group- Teachers can create a show me for the whole class and use it in any part of their lesson. It can be used to introduce a topic, to help guide students before sending them to work independently, or it can be used in the closure to remind the group what you worked on that day.
  • Use during a lesson - Using it during a lesson and recording yourself can be extremely helpful for students that are pulled out or are absent on the day you gave the lesson. Can also be used to help those students that have to hear how to do something more than once.
  • Homework Tutorial- You can create a show me video to help remind kids of a concept that you have taught, but you do not have to be beside them to remind them how to exactly do it. It is their own, free, personal tutor. It can be linked to Schoology for students to view.
  • Why repeat when you can show them- We have all had them in our class. The student who just does not follow directions and must be reminded about the directions. Take a picture of the worksheet and give the directions while showing what to do on the worksheet. You can even have the student say the directions while showing what to do on the worksheet. This is also a great way to explain math games during math station time, without having to be at every game.
  • Variety of Backgrounds- Grids, Worksheet screenshot, picture. Also join the ShowMe community to get sample videos

Students use:

  • Show understanding of a concept- Especially in math, it is very important for a student to show their work. What if it was possible to show their work while thinking out loud. With showme, the student can show their work, while recording their voice. They can let the teacher know why they did what they did. Students can upload it to Schoology or Seesaw (online portfolio)
  • Teach others- Sometimes hearing a concept from another student's point of view is much more helpful than a teacher saying something over and over again. Allow your students to use show me to show a concept that they understand, but others may be struggling with.

5th grade ShowMe: The Water Cycle

Below is a fifth grader using the ShowMe app as a way the teacher assessed his knowledge. He could've just drawn the water cycle on a piece of paper and handed it in, but having him complete it on the ShowMe app he has able to take it a step further and explain how it works verse just drawing it. This shows true comprehension of the topic.

IPEVO Whiteboard App

How to Use it in the Classroom:

  • Has many of the same functions as ShowMe.
  • Draw and annotate directly onto real-time video from your ipad's camera onto a blank white canvas, or any image from your Photo Library.
  • Add text boxes shapes, and lines to emphasize key points of interest and highlight important parts of your image. Different colors and line thicknesses, undo and redo functions, a pointer tool, and a clear all function are right at your fingertips.
IPEVO Whiteboard App Part 1: Board Functions
IPEVO Whiteboard App Part 2: Tool Options

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  • BaiBoard- collaborative whiteboard!