Curriculum Updates

March 2022

PDE Updates

Act 91 Classroom Monitor Classroom Management Course

ARIN is excited to announce that our classroom management course for individuals seeking classroom monitor permits under Act 91 has been approved by PDE. Please click here to access the memo that was sent to superintendents on Thursday, February 3rd. The memo features access to the completely asynchronous training. If you need any additional support or have further questions, please contact Lauren Cunningham at

Accountability Updates

  • The Future Ready Index will be updated with new state testing around March 1st. In regards to this, it was also shared that the average statewide participation data for testing was 71%, but individual school district participation data ranges from 20% to 80% across the commonwealth. It was stressed that this information is of course crucial to consider when looking at the big picture of these results. Districts will have a preview window of about 3 days before the updates are released to the public facing website.
  • PREVIEW WINDOW EXTENDED through March 3rd. See this letter from Brian Campbell.
  • Growth data updates to the index will be more delayed than achievement data. This information will not be released until late April or the beginning of May.
  • The state will be releasing new school improvement designations in the fall of 2022. The designation criteria will be altered from it has been in the past. We will know around the beginning of April what that designation criteria will look like.
State Testing Averages

Reports from eMetric: disaggregated to include state average, IEP, and ED average populations.

WINTER Keystone Exams Release Dates

The winter 2021-2022 Keystone Exam results have the following items released:

March 2, 2022 - District Student Data Files Released

March 7, 2022 - Parent letters available on Data Interaction

March 22, 2022 – Data Interaction update

March 23, 2022 – District and School Summary Reports Available

April 11, 2022 – Individual Student Reports (ISR) delivered

From the Spring 2022 Assessment Newsletter

Early Reporting was offered for the first time with the 2019 PSSA, and schools from across the Commonwealth took advantage of the opportunity to receive their results faster by meeting the early‐reporting deadlines. PDE and DRC are excited to re‐introduce this option for the 2022 PSSA. All answer booklets that are shipped to DRC by May 6, 2022 (the end of the first week of the Math and Science window), and all completed online tests will be included in the early‐reporting release of Student Performance Files on June 3, 2022—Parent Letters will be available June 6 on Data Interaction. Answer booklets returned after May 6, including booklets held through the May 9 ‐13 window for math/science make‐ups, will not be included in early reporting. Those student records will be included in a second round of PSSA reporting on June 21, 2022. Student scores from both early reporting and the second round of reporting will be included for all accountability reporting.

PVAAS Updates

PIMS Staff Student Subtest

The Staff Student Subtest collection is used to create linkages between students, teachers, and state assessments – and provides the percentage of instructional responsibility. The Staff Student Subtest data goes from your LEA into PIMS and then onto SAS EVAAS for import into the PVAAS roster verification system. The deadline for this submission is March 9th at 12:00noon – although you can submit anytime before that date as well.

Big picture

PVAAS Updates Continued: What's NEW or DIFFERENT with Roster Verification?

ACT 82 vs ACT 13 – Implications for PVAAS Roster Verification

Calculation of Teacher-Specific Achievement Measure (% Prof/Adv at teacher level)

  • SAS EVAAS did not previously calculate this for LEAs under Act 82.
  • SAS EVAAS will now calculate % Prof/Adv for LEAs.
    • LEAs can choose to use:

  • this % Prof/Adv for the Teacher-Specific Achievement Measure, OR
  • a local calculation of the % Prof/Adv for the Teacher-Specific Achievement Measure
    • Therefore, LEAs can choose to include grade 3 and PASA in their PIMS SSS collection and roster verification process; PVAAS teacher specific growth reporting would not be provided for Grade 3 or PASA.

Evaluation of Temporary Professional Employees (TPEs)

  • Under Act 13, TPEs are evaluated 2X per year, 100% using the Framework for Observation & Practice

  • Although PVAAS data is not included in the TPE’s evaluation, the LEA can have the TPE complete the PVAAS roster verification process and receive a PVAAS teacher specific growth reporting in the PVAAS reporting system

Revisiting Roster Verification Webinar

NEW Science Standards!

On January 13, 2022, the State Board of Education unanimously voted to approve the final-form amendments to Chapter 4 (Academic Standards and Assessments).

Key points:

  • The standards will take effect on July 1, 2025. This was changed from July 1, 2024, to maintain our commitment to a 3-year implementation window.
  • The first year of mandated implementation of the revised standards will be school year 2025-26.
  • The Biology Keystone and science PSSAs will be updated, and the new tests will be implemented in school year 2025-26.
  • Two documents were approved:

Our Intended Plan to Begin Preparing Teachers for Full Science Standards Integration: STEM “Soft Launch” Topics:

  • 3D Teaching and Learning

  • Understanding NGSS

  • Engineering

  • Phenomenon based learning

  • Lending Library customized sessions

  • UDL

  • StartSOLE

  • MWEE

PDE Act 158 Office Hours Winter 2022 (3PM to 4 PM)

March 2: Industry Credentials

March 9: Special Education

March 30: Technical Assistance Session for Tracking Tool

Additional Training Opportunities

March 16th: Tracking Tool Webinar –9-10:30am


The 2022 Data Summit (March 21-23, 2022) will also offer multiple sessions on Act 158 topics. Any questions related to Act 158, the trainings, or resources may be directed to

Act 13

The Pennsylvania Department of Education is pleased to announce the following webinar opportunities. Please review the flyer to see several training and office hour opportunities.

Comprehensive Planning

Bus Excavation Report

  • Released on 2/1/22.

  • Due for submission on 4/10/22.

  • Found under “Reports” - “Safe Schools” in the FRCPP.

  • Must be assigned to users with permissions by the LocalUserAdmin.

  • All information regarding this report can be found here.

School Improvement Plans

PDE released a document to help schools with meeting the requirements for their School Improvement Plans.

  • Click here to access the Federal Programs Compliance Requirements for 2022.

K-12 Guidance Plan (339) Phases

PDE has released the Master Phase List for K-12 Guidance (339) Plans for LEAs.

  • These plans are broken down into 5 phases for submission.

    • These phases are not aligned with Comp Plan/Special Ed Phases.

  • The master phase list, a how to guide and additional information can be found here.

Full Comprehensive Planning Presentation from February 2022

Comprehensive Planning Tip Jar

Your IU Supports from ARIN

Accelerated Learning Choice Board

Our curriculum department created this choice board of Accelerated Learning topics for you to use FREE in your schools if you'd like. Each topic consists of 2 hours of professional learning for teachers and/or principals.

*This choice board meets all Accelerated Learning topics

Asynchronous Winter and Spring Training

We are opening the winter window of asynchronous training from January 7th through April 30th.

Here are the available offerings currently open for registration:

The Achievement Mindset

Google Certified Educator Level 1 Bootcamp

  • Google Basics Part 1 (can be completed separately from the full bootcamp)
  • Google Basics Part 2 (can be completed separately from the full bootcamp)
  • Google Classroom (can be completed separately from the full bootcamp)

*Accelerated Learning Categories: Equitable Practices, Class-Wide Supports, SEL

In Person at ARIN

Universal Design for Learning

This training will take a deeper dive into Universal Design for Learning, how to incorporate it into your classroom daily without burning yourself out, and creating a learning environment that impacts all learners.

  • What is Universal Design for Learning?
  • How can I implement Universal Design for Learning?
  • Time to apply learning about Webb's Depth of Knowledge and Universal Design for Learning.

Training Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2022, from 8:30-3:30. Click here for more information!

Accelerated Learning Categories: Scaffolded Supports

Instructional Technology

From 1:1 to Wow!

Date: March 10, 2022

In this session, we will introduce how to use those chromebooks and laptops! Everyone has as a tool to engage students in collaboration and communication tools. We will used tools like Nearpod, Jamboard, StartSOLE, and others to get you and your students thinking differently about computer time.

StartSOLE (Self Organized Learning Environment)

Date: March 24, 2022

This half-day session will provide teachers the opportunity to use StartSOLE with their students in their classrooms. StartSOLE is a Self Organized Learning Environment (SOLE). It is a simple educational approach designed to promote inquiry and foster self-empowerment. This interactive and collaborative session will give teachers a new tool to engage students in their learning. Participants will need to bring a laptop or Chromebook that can access the Internet.

There is no cost to attend this session. Please have those who are interested register online at:

Please check out these other GREAT STEAM sessions available!

*Accelerated Learning Categories: Academics

Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days - SEEKING EVENT HOSTS

MAY 12-23, 2022

We're looking for hands-on and engaging events designed for kids of all ages. Anyone can be an event host - schools, public libraries, tech centers, museums, play spaces, community centers, non-profits, business and industry partners, and more.

SCHOOLS: (THINK: Title 1 Literacy Family Nights, PTO/PTA fun nights, STEAM Showcase or Science Fairs, etc.)

Interested but not sure where to begin?

Remake Learning and the Career Ready PA Backpack Challenge

Information coming soon!

For more information, click here!

OpenEd Week 2022 - March 7-11

OpenEd Week is an annual celebration held globally each year and is an opportunity to share locally about the latest resources available. Using Open Education Resources (OER), this years focus will be promoting equity of access to quality educational materials.

To learn more about this FREE, asynchronous opportunity go to:

Science of Reading Training Offerings for 2022-2023

These offerings are an alternative to LETRS training. We can also support your district with LETRS training.