Ms. Mills's Class

November 19, 2021

At Price Elementary, we are becoming world changers through kindness and leadership!

Upcoming Dates

  • November 19th - “Love America” 3rd-5th Grade Musical
  • November 23rd - PTO Fall Party (More info below!)
  • November 24th-28th - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 14th - Price Virtual Trivia Night @ 7 PM (More details to come!)

Classroom News

Teacher Talk

In math, students finished the place value unit and were assessed. Students also learned how to compare numbers using less than, greater than, or equal to symbols. In writing, students have been writing personal narratives. In reading, students finished the unit on lesson/moral of a story and assessed. We also started a new vocabulary unit. In content, students learned how to construct a map using a map key.

Movie on Tuesday!

Our class will be watching a movie on Tuesday. The movie is called: The Tale of Despereaux. This movie is rated "G". Please reach out to me if you have any questions about this movie.

Sight Words

This Week's Sight Words: three, buy, write

Last Week's Sight Words: between, please, read

1st Grade Sight Words: after, do, how, or, our, put, than, their, them, there

Next Week's Learning

Tiger Time- None

Math- Math Review/Assessment

Writing- Personal Narrative

Reading- Using context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word

Content- Understand the sequence of how a Macy's parade balloon is made

Price Office News

Fall Musical- Save the Date!

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Fall Parties

Fall grade-level parties are right around the corner! Next Tuesday, our awesome Price PTO will be hosting the event in the cafeteria. Students will make a scarecrow wreath craft, play a Thanksgiving bingo game, and eat a snack. The schedule is shown below.

Visitors are allowed to attend this year. If you would like to be a visitor during your child’s party, there are a few guidelines you must adhere to. Upon arrival, you will need to submit your personal ID to our office to go through our onsite background check system. Also, please remember to sign in at the office and get a visitor sticker. Visitors must remain in the cafeteria during the event. When your child’s party is over, be sure to sign out at the office before leaving. We hope you can join us for some fall fun!

IMPORTANT: Latex Allergy

Due to a severe latex allergy in the building, balloons are NOT permitted in the building.

District News

Cub Care- Thanksgiving Break, November 24-26

There will be no school for students November 24-26 for Thanksgiving Break! Families with students in Kindergarten through 8th grade needing childcare on Wednesday, November 24 can sign up to participate in Cub Care. The deadline to register is November 19 at 4:30 p.m. Visit to register.

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Online Meal Applications Now Available

While we are THRILLED that all meals are available for free this school year, this has reduced the number of meal applications submitted by our families--and therefore, decreased some of the resources available and put us at risk of losing additional resources.

That said...WE NEED YOUR HELP! Even if you don't plan to use the meal benefit personally, would you PLEASE COMPLETE an application for us by December 1? If you've already completed this process, THANK YOU and no further action is needed!

NEW!!!!! You can complete this process in the SISK12 Parent Portal very quickly! Check out this link for all the details.

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Elementary Request for 2nd Semester Academic Option Change Due November 23

Elementary families who would like to request a change in their student’s academic option (100% seated or 100% virtual) for second semester, please visit and complete the appropriate form by November 23. NO ACTION IS NEEDED FOR FAMILIES WHO WOULD LIKE TO KEEP THEIR STUDENT’S CURRENT ACADEMIC OPTION FOR SECOND SEMESTER. RMS & RHS students wanting to make a change will sign up to do so during normal scheduling processes.

Visitors and Volunteers

Per the Return to Learn Plan, school buildings that have COVID19-related absences at 7% or below and are not under a mask mandate are eligible for visitors and volunteers to come to school!

Please take note of the difference between visitors and volunteers along with the details regarding the required background checks for “volunteers” at

Visitors and Volunteers

Per the Return to Learn Plan, school buildings that have COVID19-related absences at 7% or below and are not under a mask mandate are eligible for visitors and volunteers to come to school!

Please take note of the difference between visitors and volunteers along with the details regarding the required background checks for “volunteers” at

Dire Need for Bus Drivers

Republic School District proudly offers bus services for ALL students in our district! Providing this service requires a large number of trained drivers, and we need more! To avoid having to extend the length of current bus routes, spending funds on chartering buses (who are also seeing driver shortages) and/or reducing the number of trips and experiences for students outside our campuses...WE NEED MORE BUS DRIVERS!

Please share this opportunity with anyone that is interested in making an impact on students and filling this need! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS AND TO APPLY!

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Jordan Valley School Based Clinic NOW OPEN

Republic School District is excited to announce that our school based health clinic partnership with Jordan Valley Health Centers opened October 1!

One Jordan Valley community health worker is available to work with our school nurses to coordinate a virtual visit with a Jordan Valley doctor or nurse practitioner for any student or employee that is sick and needs to be seen by a practitioner for the following illnesses: strep throat, ear infection, sinus infection, rash, pink eye, stomach flu, bug bites, lice and congestion. After being seen by a provider the student/employee will be able to return to class/work OR they will be given a diagnosis and will be ready to go home. If necessary, the practitioner will call in a prescription to the patient's pharmacy for them to pay for and pick-up.

This partnership is made possible primarily by funds provided by Jordan Valley Health Centers. Beyond office space for the onsite community health worker, this program has no other financial obligations for the district. Parents and employees will never receive a bill for care. If the patient has insurance, that insurance will receive the bill. If the patient does not have insurance, Jordan Valley Health Centers covers the cost of the visit and patients only have to pay for prescriptions, when needed.

This service will be optional, but available to all students and employees. Paper registration forms were sent home with students September 13 and will need to be completed and returned to school before they can be seen by the practitioner. You can also print a form and return it to school at We're excited and thankful for this opportunity to partner with Jordan Valley Health Centers!

Return to Learn Plan Covid Protocols

Republic School District has developed health-related protocols which were created in conjunction with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The protocols are based on best practices from schools and businesses around the globe and recommendations from DESE and health professionals. The updated protocols were implemented August 31. CLICK HERE to review the full Return to Learn handbook that outlines these protocols. Specifically, masking will be recommended, but not required inside our buildings. However, due to a Federal mandate, masks are required on buses. The Return to Learn Handbook also serves as the district's SRCSP plan as required by DESE.

The district will ask for feedback from patrons at the end of September regarding the current implementation of the RepMO Return to Learn Plan.

CLICK HERE to see answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Return to Learn plan.

Student COVID19 Testing

Quarantine periods can be shortened with a negative COVID19 test. If your child tests negative for COVID19 on a sample collected on days 5, 6 or 7 from the date of exposure, they may return to school without restrictions on day 8 after exposure if negative test results are provided to the nurse. The date in which the student can "test out" of quarantine depends on the type of COVID19 test taken. Also, home tests are not accepted. Questions can be referred to your child's school nurse.

Rapid antigen testing is available through our Health Services Department by appointment for those wanting to "test out" of quarantine and also for those experiencing COVID19 symptoms. This test may only be administered on day 7 of quarantine for "testing out" purposes. Please contact Shawna Walker at 417.732.7289 to schedule this optional testing (no sooner than 24 hours after notification of quarantine for those wanting to "test out").

Daily Wellness Check

Students and staff should perform a daily wellness check before coming to school each day. If your student answers "YES" to any of these questions please keep them home and notify the school of their absence.

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