AISW Weekly Parent Update

Week of May 22, 2023

Mark Your Calendar:


  • 6th gr students need to bring their laptops and chargers this week to turn in for summer work.



  • Buy a yearbook before they are gone!


  • 5th Grade Awards 8:00 AM


  • Last Student Day
  • 6th Grade Awards: 8:00 AM
  • 6th Grade Finale ** Send in any donations you signed up for via the signup genius
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Volunteers needed for Field Day! Are you interested in volunteering?


Please remember you MUST have an. up to date background check on file to be able to volunteer and to be present at field day.

Here is the link to start that process now:

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All Sports Camp this summer!


It's time to register for Avon All-Sports Camp. This camp puts the FUN in FUNDAMENTALS, and gives girls and boys currently in grades 2-7 an opportunity to learn and compete to the best of their ability in each of the sports offered: baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and wrestling.

Date: June 5-9
Time: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Cost: $165

To register, print and fill out the following form. Return the form and payment – checks are payable to Avon All Sports Camp – to:

Avon Intermediate School West
Tom Sesslar
176 S. Avon Avenue
Avon, IN 46123

Questions? Contact Tom Sesslar at (317) 544-5900.

Avon All Sports Camp: Registration Form

Summer camps & other activities available this summer! Check it out!

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UPDATE! Student ID's are required for lunch and breakfast = $1

Students without an ID and want to. purchase breakfast, will write down want they want for breakfast and someone will bring it to them starting Monday, May 8. This. has been shared with students the past week on announcements. We have the same students each day with out an ID and are not working to solve the problem of replacing the ID. Thus, we are having to move to this solution at this time because of the # of students without an ID. We appreciate your help and support of getting your son/daughter a replacement ID.

If a student has lost his/her two ID's that were provided by the school, the ID machine is working and they can purchase a replacement ID in the front office for $1. They need this for lunch and breakfast each day.

Dates to Remember:

  • May 23- Field Day
  • May 25- Fifth grade Awards
  • May 26- 6th grade Awards
  • May 26 Sixth grade Finale
  • May 26 Last Day of School

Register your Kroger card and support AIS West!

AIS West will receive funds from KROGER for every card that is registered! Every time you shop, you are helping AIS West!

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Parent action items:

_____ ask your son/daughter if they need $1 for an ID. We have MANY students who have lost their ID.

______ Field Day Volunteers will be needed on May 23! Are you interested? Click here to sign up to volunteer

_____ 6th grade Finale: parents a few items are needed- can you sign up to donate?

_____ Check your child's grades in Power School at least one x per week

_____ If eligible or think you may be eligible, fill out a free and reduced lunch application

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Let's Celebrate our amazing 6th grade students with an end of the year FINALE !

The teachers are busy planning some fun activitiies and Mrs. Lee and I are planning a pizza party. We are hoping you can help with some chips and drinks.

Sign up here if you can help provide drinks, paper products, and chips for the last day 6th grade Finale (celebration!)

Thank you for your help as we celebrate the great work and achievement of all of our 6th grade students!
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Student of the Week: Week of May 22

5th grade:
  • Fareedahh Abolade Lawal
  • Eshan Quraeshi & Jazmin Sanabria
  • Karissa Norville
  • Caden Cazley

6th grade:

  • Devan Hardin
  • Onaopemiposi Lawal
  • Tani
  • Iris Jones
  • Loan Hodge

Related Arts/ Sped/ Counselors:

Wolf- Coen White & Izamara Henry

Pictures of our Amazing students from an amazing week at West:

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Cell phones & Smart Watches


We need. your help!

Per our Handbook, student cell phones and smartwatches are to be in lockers upon arrival to school. They should not have these back out until dismissal.

We have many students who follow these rules everyday and are choosing to do the right thing.

However, we also have some students who are not choosing to follow these rules and are using their phones and/or smart phones throughout the day in class and/ or in the restrooms.

They are making tik toks, snap chats, etc. in the restrooms, taking pictures in the restrooms, etc.

We need your help and support by reviewing these expectations with your child.

Please know that if your child is caught with their phone and/ or smart watch during the day it will be taken and you will be asked to come pick it up. The student will not be permitted to bring it back to school.

We are at school to focus on learning and need to ensure we are making every minute count.

Exciting opportunities coming Fall 2023 for our current 5th grade students:

It is an exciting time for middle school athletics! The addition of 6th graders to several sports at South and providing them with an athletic experience is something we look forward to. The sports below will allow participation by 6th graders starting the 2023-2024 school year:

Girls Golf (Fall 23)
Boys Tennis (Fall 23)
Cross Country (Fall 23)
Wrestling (Winter 23-24)
Boys Golf (Spring 24)
Girls Tennis Spring 24)
Track & Field (Spring 24)

The biggest challenge we face with 6th graders not being in our building is transportation. Due to the location of the schools and South's dismissal time of 4:05pm, 6th graders participating in athletics would not be transported to South or allowed inside South until after dismissal. To participate in athletics, transportation to South would need to be provided for your child.

The Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) mandates that student-athletes have an updated athletic physical that is completed and signed by a doctor in the state of Indiana. The athletic physical must be completed after April 1, 2023 to be valid for the 2023-2024 school year. For example, if your child receives an athletic physical on April 3, 2023, that physical would be valid for the entire 2023-2024 school year. Attached you will find a flyer from Hendricks Regional Health with dates and locations where athletic physicals are offered. You do not have to get the physical completed at these specific times, it is just a resource for you to use if you wish. When the athletic physical is completed, you must upload the documents into PRIVIT. PRIVIT is an online platform used by our athletic trainers to clear your child for participation in athletics. Please see the links for both the athletic physical form and PRIVIT below:

IHSAA Athletic Physical:


There are several athletic fees associated with participating in athletics at South. These fees are explained below:

-$50 Corporation Athletic Fee (paid by every student-athlete for every sport they play) - Example: if your child plays golf and tennis, you would pay $50 for each of those sports.
-$25 South Athletic Fee (paid one time per year) - Example: if your child plays golf and tennis, you would pay $25 one time.

These fees help sustain the athletic department to ensure we offer our student-athletes the best possible athletic experience at South. These cost help cover a portion of transportation, uniforms, equipment, among other things.

Lastly, I want to provide some resources to help you find information about athletics at South. Our athletic webpage: is a great resource to find important information. I also encourage you to follow on Twitter account to see all things South athletics. Our ​Twitter handle is @avonsouth

Any questions? Please contact:

Athletic Director @ AMS South

Will Mahan

p: (317) 544-5727
f: (317) 544-5701

Volunteer Opportunities! We would love to have you.

We have some great opportunities for you to volunteer at AISW.

Our teachers would love help making copies so they can keep teaching.

Volunteer to help teachers make copies- Click here!

*any questions about volunteering to make copies, please email Amber Klein at

Our media assisstant would also love help in the media center reshelving books and doing many other things. Volunteer in the media center- Click here!

* Any questions about volunteering in the media center, please email Paula Kopp at

If you can help, please make sure your back ground check is current. If not, you cant renew by completing the process here: Start the Background Check Process Here

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Cell Phones, Apple/Smart Watches and Wireless Earbuds:

We recognize that many of our students have cell phones as some of them are going home by themselves after school, etc. We ask that all cell phones/Smart Watches are locked in their lockers and powered off throughout the day. Students have been taught that as soon as they arrive at school the phone goes to their locker and is locked up. When they leave for the day, the cell phone is to stay in their bag until they get in their parent's car and/or get on the school bus.

** If there is an emergency and a student needs to reach you, they will be permitted to use the school phone.

** if you need to leave a message for your child, please call the front office and they will make sure your child is given the message by the end of the day.

In the event they are to have their cell phone out of their locker, the following steps will be taken by the teacher:

  1. First time- warning: the teacher will ask them to go put it in their locker and share that next time it will be confiscated.
  2. Second time- The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher holds the phone until end of the day. The teacher returns the phone at the end of the day when the student gets on the bus/ goes to their car in car rider line and reminds the student of the school wide expectations. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral and parents will be notified.
  3. Third time and beyond: The teacher will ask the student to give them the phone and the teacher will take the phone to the front office for a parent/guardian to pick up the phone. during regular school hours. The teacher will communicate with the parent to inform the parent that the phone has been out three or more times and now they must pick it up the phone from the front office. This will be documented as a disciplinary referral. The student will not be permitted to bring the phone back to school.

*** If students choose to bring their phones or other devices to school, Avon Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen devices or personal belongings.***

WestMart: Our New School Store is open on Fridays for students to make purchases!

Our new school store, West Mart, is open on Fridays for students to make purchaes.

Check out the great new SPIRIT WEAR Items-- hoodies, tshirts, and bags. Check out the other great items too--- school supplies and fun items for students, too. All profits that are made go to support student and staff activities for the year!

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Important Attendance Reminders

We need a lot of help ensuring EACH West student maintains a 96% attendance rate. There is a direct correlation between attendance and student achievement, so we are returning to our pre-Covid attendance procedures. You can review the Attendance Policy in the Intermediate Student-Parent Handbook.

General Procedures:

  1. After the fifth (5) absence, an attendance letter will be sent home to inform parents that absences are beginning to accumulate.
  2. After the eighth (8) absence, a second attendance letter will be sent home stating that an excessive number of absences have occurred.
  3. After the tenth (10) absence, the school will work with the family to create an attendance contract.
  4. Upon the fifteenth (15) absence, excused or unexcused a referral will be made to Project Attend.

Project Attend is a cooperative effort between the Schools, Prosecutor, and Child and Family Services in Hendricks County. The goal is to work collaboratively to increase attendance rates and reduce truancy.

It is ok to bring your child before or after an appointment too! Remember to get a doctor’s note for school. 😊

Do you have changes to your child's transportation?

Parents, if you have any changes to your child's transportation, you must call the front office by 1:30pm. We will not be able to make changes after this time, as all notes are delivered to classrooms by 1:45pm.

Please do NOT call the teacher, leave a voicemail for a teacher or send an email/ parent square message for the teacher, as there is NO GUARANTEE that they will get the message before dismissal. They teach all day and are unable to check messages during the day.

Call the front office at 317 544 5900 with any changes to how you want your child to get home!

School Meal Prices and Free/Reduced Meal Benefit Applications

The US Government program that enabled us to provide free school breakfasts and lunches during the last two school years has expired. Avon Schools will return to our former model for the upcoming school year. To eliminate any remaining confusion, please read the following information and contact us if you have additional questions.

Meal prices for the 2022-23 school year are as follows:

  • Grades K-12 Breakfast, $1.85
  • Grades K-4 Lunch, $2.85
  • Grades 5-12 Lunch, $2.95
  • AHS Premium Meal, $3.95

Free/Reduced Meal Benefit Applications

We are continuing to accept applications for free/reduced meals. Directly certified families received a separate message from the Food Service team and need not apply. If you have qualified for free and reduced school meals in the past or if you believe you qualify, please apply today.


Contact the Food Services team at (317) 544-6000.

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Purchase Laptop Insurance today!

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