Freak The Mighty

By: Rodman phibreck


It's about about two boys Freak and max. Freak is super duper smart but small. Max is really big as his gram. Max was alone not until freak came along and he felt like he had a brain. together they felt like they were unstoppable. Which they are freak and the mighty.


Setting: It's the 4th of july

  1. There were outside looking at the fireworks. Freak was on max's shoulders and freakre blade's gang max starts to run while freaks little feet kicks him to steer. They escape by running through them. Then they get stuck in the where the pond is. The cops come and they help them. They tell them what happens and tell them who did it.


Don't think that people who are different can be big things in the world.Freak and Max they became freak the mighty because freak is like the other half of max. One is really smar and the other is really big so that person could scare off the bullies.