Wildcat Word

December, 2018

Principal Message

I was able to spend time with students and family after school at Hip Hop Nutcracker and Zoo Lights thanks to our SUN program. I really enjoy witnessing students explore new environments and see new possibilities for themselves.

I wish you a very happy, safe and peaceful holiday; I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time with your families and I look forward to welcoming you all back in the New Year, as we aim to make 2019 our best year yet!

Becoming Digital Citizens

Using PTA funds we are able to present monthly videos and discussion questions addressing different aspects of digital citizenship that families need to know about. This first article is an introduction about digital citizenship.

Meet the Parents in the videos

Digital Citizenship in English Video

Digital Citizenship in Spanish Video

Discussion Questions

  • How would you explain a digital footprint and its importance to your student?

  • What are some examples of how you create a mindful digital footprint for yourself?

  • What are some important online skills you would like your child to put into practice?

Literacy Shout Out!

The Portland Reading Council has learned of the great work Laurie Shonkwiler and Susan Bartley are doing in literacy at Bridger K-8. They have been awarded a Literacy Shout Out! Here is what we learned about their work:

Laurie Shonkwiler is dedicated to providing literacy experiences for her students that empower them to help change harmful policies and practices in our world. Her students embody the power of learning through reading, and advocating for themselves and their world through writing.

Susie goes out of her way to make her literacy program engaging for her middle school students. She gives them the most diverse, highly engaging books possible, and pays attention to individual needs for scaffolding.

The Portland Reading Council looks to recognize the efforts of exceptional educators. We hope you will join us in congratulating and thanking Laurie Shonkwiler and Susan Bartley for inspiring others! Regards, Portland Reading Council

Nutrition Services Account Balance Communication Update

Starting the week of January 14, 2019, the Nutrition Services department will be utilizing School Messenger to notify families by phone and email about student meal account balances. Kitchen staff will continue to provide personal phone call reminders and/or paper letters home. If you have questions about student meal accounts or other information, please visit our webpage www.pps.net/nutrition or call our department 503-916-3399.

Whitney Ellersick, Senior Director, Nutrition Services
x63276 wellersi@pps.net

Opportunities to Donate to Your School!

Dear Bridger Community,

Do you have holiday shopping to do? You can do that and support our school! Shop at ORO on Tuesday, December 18, 2018 anytime between 11am and 7pm. ORO will donate 10% of the day’s sales on any merchandise (including gift cards) to the Bridger School PTA. ORO carries jewelry and other unique gift ideas. There is even a kid-friendly play space to make your experience more comfortable. ORO is owned and operated by a Bridger School family. Shopping there is a terrific way to support our community.

ORO is at 3562 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, Oregon 97214. Open 11am to 7pm everyday. Store phone number (503) 236-7513.

Please visit ORO December 18th during this special event!

Dear Bridger Community,

One of our neighboring businesses, Mocha Express, is offering to donate 20% from the sale of gift cards bought with a special voucher to the Bridger PTA.

Please print out a voucher or obtain one at the Bridger School office and take it to: Mocha Express Store Hours: Mon-Fri 6am-8pm 1951 SE 82nd Ave Sat 6:30am-8pm Portland, OR 97216 Sun 7:30am-8pm (503) 777-2777

The voucher must be presented at time of purchase in order for the Bridger PTA to receive funds. The gift cards can be bought in the amount you decide. The gift card can be used at 4 Mocha Express locations but only bought at the location mentioned here.

Mocha Express will count the sale of these gift cards until December 31, 2018. This is a very generous offer and a great way to show support of a local business and our school!

Big picture

Mark your Calendars

Ms. Shonkwiler's class will be featured in KATU news 6pm broadcast on December 27th. They will be sharing the amazing work they are doing with Mind Up and Movement.

Join a Free Citizenship Class!

Study English reading, writing, speaking, and U.S. history for the USCIS naturalization exam and interview. Receive free study materials. Learn important skills for your interview. Prepare to become a U.S. citizen. All are welcome! Please see the attached flyers for more details.

Day: Sundays

Time: 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM

Dates: January 6 to March 31

Location: Rockwood Library 17917 SE Stark St. Portland, OR 97233

Mind Up

At Bridger, we are exploring many ways to be mindful through our MindUp program. One of the ways to practice Mindfulness is through “Mindful Gratitude.” You could ask your child at dinner or bedtime to think of one adult and one peer that they are grateful for. Have them close their eyes or look down at their lap as they breathe deeply (you do the same) and think of these people in their minds. Then you could choose to share together who you thought of and why.

Counselor Corner

Kindergarten through second grades have been focusing on identifying feelings and beginning to learn about the “Zones of Regulation.” The students learn that their feelings can fit into four main categories or “zones.” One we recognize our “zones” we can identify tools to handle and cope with the zone we’re in and work on getting ourselves back to the “green zone” (calm,content, focused, ready to learn).

Third and Fourth grades are getting into conflict resolution lessons. We’ve learned about the importance of hearing someone else’s point of view, how conflict is normal and can have positive outcomes, and we’re just now learning about conflict escalation. These lessons will lead into lessons in assertiveness, effective problem-solving and then bullying prevention. Skills for life-long learning!

Student Council

Student Council is currently in the process of choosing a service learning project. We want to focus around the homeless and ways we can help them. Full council is going to brainstorm ideas at are our next meeting (January 3rd). We also are going to make posters to spread the word about waste free lunches. Also some of our students are making a video about ways we can have waste free lunches that will be published on the 2nd. We have as well chosen all our spirit days for this year. We just had our second one (Twin Day) and our next one is Superhero Day.

8th Grade Winter Clothing Drive

Thanks to our 8th Grade Class for coming together to do a great job on the Hat, Sock, and Glove drive. Special thanks to all of the Bridger families who donated! Students created posters, got the word out, collected, and sorted all of the items themselves, and wrapped them into bundles with ribbon to give to those in need. Last night, I dropped off two boxes of hats, socks, gloves, and even a coat to a Montavilla Emergency Warming Shelter. There was a woman waiting outside with no coat, so I made sure she got that right away. Thanks to the family who gave that nice, warm coat! Thanks to Temo for taking the other half of the donations to Voz Worker's Center and people he knows who are in need over the break. This was a powerful project that we will plan to do annually.

I saw some Wildcat Leadership on this project from every 8th Grade student who helped to make it happen! Go Wildcats!

Susan Bartley

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