JCMS Team 2 Newsletter

Week of January 21, 2019

What's going on in class?


Team 2 Scientists have been learning about mechanical and chemical weathering and soil conservation this semester. We have completed two mini labs to look at the effect of weathering while we practice lab safety. There will be a test over Chapter 2 on Tuesday after we review the study guide they are working on in class.

Extra Credit opportunity: students please email Mrs. Green (lyngreen@usd475.org) a picture of weathering in the Junction City area! Please state what kind of weathering it is (Animal Actions, Freezing and Thawing, Plant Growth, Release of Pressure, or Abrasion) and where you found it. No stock internet photos please.

Another addition to our class this semester is a science article of the week (AOTW). Each day we spend between 5-8 minutes working on one section of the assignment. On 5 day weeks the AOTW will be due on Thursday, on shorter weeks it will be due on Friday. These articles allow us to branch out and see what is happening in science each week.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we have been going over the Persian wars and introducing the societies of Athens and Sparta. Friday, your students are creating a coming that covers the Persian war so if they are unable to complete it in class they will need to finish it over the weekend. Next week we will be looking at the Peloponnesian war and get started on the governments of Greece.


In Math this week we finished Module 3 (even though the week was short) and will move on to Module 4. Module 4 is a basic introduction into Algebra. Most of the students are excited about this topic so I am excited to get started. Have a great weekend!

Language Arts

So far this semester in Language Arts we have finished up the final copy of the Unit 2 argumentative essays. This essay addressed the question: What positive character traits help people overcome forces beyond their control? As part of this unit the students have also created community service projects that they will be carrying out this month. Please ask your student what his/her class chose to do for their community!

To begin Unit 3 students were introduced to the anchor text, Black Ships Before Troy, and began learning the phases of a hero's journey. Over the next several weeks we will be reading the book and students will be creating their own Hero's Journey story. This story will be the first introduction to writing narrative and dialog for the students. Attached below are the Power Point slide shows that were discussed in class so you will have talking points for your student.

What parents need to know...

Remind Text Messages

Remind text messages will no longer be sent after January 28th due to Verizon billing issues. Please refer to this live link at any time to see what is going on in class, daily homework assignments, and upcoming events.

Expectations Power Point

Expectations have been reviewed with all Team 2 members in all classes. Please review these expectations with your students.

Upcoming events

1/30- Library Day

2/13- Library Day

2/16- No School, Professional Development

2/27- Library Day

3/8- No School

3/11 - 3/15- Spring Break

Homework - Quiz - Test

Language Arts-

1/28- None


1/28- None


1/28/19 - study for test tomorrow - you may use your study guide.

1/29/19 No Homework

Students may work on learning.com at home. This is an online program to enrich computer and keyboarding skills.

The link is found in schoology in the CAT trainings>PACK activities. Currently only weeks one and two are available to students. Please let your CAT time or PACK teacher know if you have any questions.

Social Studies

1/31 No homework

2/1 Greece quiz- students have notes that can be used on the quiz.

I will be updating the gradebook Thursday so anything that is missing will be marked as so. They will also have time after the quiz to finish and turn in anything missing and I will update grades before I leave school Friday.

Over the weekend please have your students check for missing work and have ready to be turned in on Monday. The end of the six weeks is quickly approaching.

Next week we will be going over Peloponnesian Wars and Greek Government.


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