The Bear Necessities

PAT Edition

Final 2015-2016 Bear Necessities

I want to thank you for all you do. I get to see and hear bits and pieces, every single day, the work you do and it's impact on children and families. I am very proud to go tonight and present to the Board of Education the work done by our Early Educators in LSR7. You may only have a view of your cubicle...but from my view, there is stunning work done here and I am so blessed to be able to be a part of this amazing staff.

Enjoy your summer!!

Next Year:

Please join me in "Wishing Well" Patricia Woodle, paraprofessional with Cathy Ledbetter in the MLE Title classroom, she is going to spend some time with her husband who is retiring. We thank you for your work with our little ones Patricia.

Recap of room movement:

Ledbetter to Haas room

Haas to Fleming

Fleming to Bogard

Bogard to Stratton

Stratton to Ledbetter

Interviews for Michelle and Lila's positions have occurred, more to come!!

Hollis and Miller and Joplin School District here today to tour at 10:30


Check out shall be complete prior to leaving at end of day Monday. If you will not finish, please let me know via e-mail.

I've included my weeks schedule below for your info.

My Week:

Thursday - here, ESY Mtg 4:30, School Board Mtg 7:00

Friday - here AM, leave for Columbia MOPATA Mtg (runs through Saturday)

Monday - here

Tuesday - here AM, PDO PM

Wednesday - here

Thursday - PDO

Friday - PDO

Books I'm reading this Summer:

I would love to hear what you are reading.....Send me an email if you want to be added to a "Book share email group".....I will set it up, you can just respond to all about a good book you just read!!

My Professional Book List for Summer:

The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor

Use Your Words: How Teacher Talk Helps Children Learn, Carol Mooney

Help for Billy, Heather Forbes LCSW

Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classrooms, Becky Bailey

The Principal: Three Keys to Maximizing Impact, Michael Fullan

Questioning for Classroom Discussion, Jackie Acree Walsh & Beth Dankert Sattes

NAEYC Accreditation Standards