frederick douglass

most important black man

the slave who changed every thing. the abolitionist

Frederick Augustus Washington bailey was the most influential black man to end slavery born on February 12 1818. Douglass was the slave that changed every thing. Douglass escaped when he was 20 years old to go to the free north. the first thing he did was go to see all of the abolitionist. he told them how the slave life was and the hardships. then he went all around the north telling the people the monstrosity slavery was. which just gave even more support to the argument to end slavery. and with his stories in the newspaper the liberator by willam loyd garrison.

fredericks douglasses speeches of changes


when he was on tour going all around the north. he let people know what slavery was like. which in turn gave more supporters to the movement to end slavery. and this gave the more reason for the south to succeed from the nation. when he was going around he had to go to England to escaped the fugitive slave law.

freerick douglass talks to lincoln

frederick douglass inspriers lincoln to wirte the emancipation proclamation

when Frederick Douglass was done on tour Lincoln called him up. of course he complied when he got to the white house Douglass told him the same story he had been telling everyone else. when he was done he had to start to write a speech for the address at Gettysburg. and those words would change the civil war from just keeping the union together to freeing the slaves to.
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frderick douglass and his education

frederick douglass one of the firt educated black man

Frederick Douglass was taught to read and write at the age of ten. he was taught by his masters wife and he asked some of the white kids questions. for the most part he taught himself. he was one of the few black people who could read much less write. he was so smart that his speeches would be forever remembered. which led him to be the most educated black man of that time.

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freerick douglass writes a newspaper

douglass writes the northstar

on top of being the most educated black man ever. he wrote his newspaper that was one of the most read newspapers in the north. which gained even more ground on the abolishment of slavery. when he created the north star he showed that not all blacks are incapable of showing resisting.
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