The Long Song

By Andrea Levy

The Long Song

  • Was published in the UK in 2010
  • Set on a slave plantation in the Caribbean
  • Told in the perspective of July, a child of a field slave on the Amity sugar plantation (With some editorial interruptions by Levy's son, Thomas).
  • July lives with her mother until Mrs. Caroline takes her in and renames her "Marguerite".
  • She remains there despite the fact that she is "free".
  • When a man named Robert Goodwin arrives everything will change for both July and Ms. Carolina.
  • A story about slavery, revolution, and love.
ANDREA LEVY on her new novel THE LONG SONG

Andrea Levy

  • Born to Jamaican parents in London in 1956.
  • Did not begin writing until she was in her thirties.
  • Her books look mostly at the historical connections of the British Empire and the Caribbean.
  • Her book, The Long Song, was the winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction.
  • She still lives in London today.
  • She is a judge for the Orange Prize for Fiction, Orange Futures, and the Saga Prize.

A Bit More

  • More relatable to teenage girls because July is a teen slave girl.
  • Despite the fact that this book is about slavery, it does have some humorous moments, such as the way the slaves refer to the white characters.