Kindergarten Connection

November 18, 2022

Report Cards

It's official, your child's first kindergarten report card has been sent home in this week's folder! We would like to start by saying the children have made tremendous growth academically, socially and emotionally these first 12 weeks of school.

We want to share and/or remind you of the meaning behind the grading marks.

Exceeding Standard (4) The student consistently exceeds grade level standard and expectation.

Meeting Standard (3) The student consistently demonstrates grade level academic standard and expectation.

Progressing Toward Standard (2) The student is working towards the grade level standard and expectation but has not been able to consistently demonstrate the grade level standard and expectation. It does NOT mean your child has failed!

Lacking Adequate Progress (1) The student consistently does not demonstrate the standard and expectation.

Here's A Little Something To Think About...

Think for a minute about expecting a newborn child to hold his head up. Eventually that child will, but he will need many opportunities to develop the muscles before doing such a task. It’s the same for many kindergarten children as they learn and grow! Some children just need a little more time and/or practice with a particular learning standard before they can consistently demonstrate it!

No one should be ashamed or disappointed in their child! They are an enthusiastic group and they work hard each and every day. You should be proud as parents! You have done a superb job in preparing your child for their kindergarten experience. We applaud each and every one of you!

The children still have a lot of work ahead of them. Keep providing them with additional support in letter naming fluency, letter sound fluency, and snapword practice. These skills are tested throughout the year and the expected and targeted fluency ranges increase at each grading period!

Our next BIG literacy testing window is coming in December! Don't let up on the amazing extra work you are doing at home to support your child's learning!

Why Nonsense Words?

pij... naz ... cos ...

Nonsense words are an indicator of a student's progress in acquiring early alphabetic principle skills. When we use nonsense words, we can find out whether a child knows the most common sounds for letters and whether a child can blend the sounds to read words he has never seen before.

Nonsense words help students learn good phonics skills. Students need to be able to decode and blend words they do not know since they will continue to encounter new words for the rest of their reading life. Students also need to decode words that are not in their vocabulary.

Research has shown that using and practicing nonsense words can increase a student's ability to read words with accuracy and automaticity.

The November Nonsense Word sheet came home earlier this month. The December Nonsense Word practice sheet will be sent home the week we return from break :).

Spotlight Activity: Elkonin Boxes

Elkonin boxes are a series of activities that teachers use to provide practice hearing sounds in the order they appear in a word. This is a very important skill for reading. When we first introduce this activity we sometimes have children jump on a spot for each sound, while also saying the sounds, helping the children to get the rhythm of phonemes (sounds) in words. In another activity we move tokens into boxes to represent each sound in a word. There are many other fun activities we use to practice segmenting a word into its individual voiced sounds. Click HERE to watch a YouTube video that shows a fun segmenting game called 'Park Those Sounds". It uses simple matchbox cars you may already have at home.


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From the Cafeteria

Just a reminder, you can go to to apply for Free and Reduced meals, add money or put restrictions on your children's account. Milk comes with the school lunch, otherwise it must be purchased.

We have begun to offer a couple of snack items for purchase for kindergarten students one day a week. If you would like to restrict or add money to your child's account, you can also do this through School Cafe.

Chism's Class=Tuesdays

Marinaro's Class=Wednesdays

McGuire's Class=Thursdays

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Robin Booth, Elk Creek Kitchen Manager at