Good Quality Babysitting


-Always try to have a constant, positive attitude. Don't have a different attitude everyday.

-When the child or children fall asleep check on them a couple times to make sure they sleeping soundly.

-Leave the house as tidy as you found it

-Write down notes for the parents so they know you are taking good care of their child. (ex. "sam fell asleep at 8:30" "He brushed his teeth before he went to bed" "He ate dinner at 6 and had a snack at 7:30")

Most Important about Babysitting

Always be:

-Playful, kids love to have someone to play with

-Active, kids have a lot of energy and love having activities to do

-Responsible, parents like to have someone they can rely on and not someone that will cancel last minute.

-Trustworthy, tell the truth about the behavior of their child.

Do's and Don'ts of babysitting


- Sit on your phone the whole time

- Invite people over while babysitting

- Eat all of their food

- Watch rated R or any movies that aren't for their age


- Play with them

- Discipline them but only to a limit such as time out (remember they aren't your kids)

- Be patient with them

- Listen to their parents rules

Activities to do with children!


-Planning days at the park (if ok with parents)

-Hide and seek

-Planning play dates (if ok with parents)

-Board games

-Reading books to them

-Making Crafts

-traditional games such as "simon says" "123 red light"