The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Philip Hinostoza


Using text structure of daydreams Walter Mitty is Depressed, timid, and gets push around.

First the parking lot attendant yells at Mitty, he becomes depressed.

Mitty drove around the parking lot aimlessly. Walter Mitty did not know what to say when the attendant yelled at him.
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Second Walter Mitty was being laughed at by the woman, he gets timid.

He said "puppy biscuit" to himself an the woman heard. When he notice that the woman was laughing at him, he hurried on.
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Third his wife pushes him around because she knows he always zone out.

The wife yelled at him for not having gloves on in the car. Walter Mitty did not get the puppy biscuit and did not try on the overshoes and the wife got angry.
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Walter Mitty is depressed, timid, and gets pushed around during the story.