Solar Eclipse Facts

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How are solar eclipses caused?

Solar eclipses are caused by the earth orbiting around the sun and the moon orbiting around the earth. When the moon gets in the way of the sun, it blocks it out so we can only see the edges. Sometimes solar eclipses are called holes in the sky.

How does the tiny moon hide the gigantic sun?

I’m glad you asked. It doesn't hide the sun like its right in front of the sun. You know how things look smaller the farther away they are? Well, the moon is 400 times closer than the sun, so it looks bigger. The sun is actually 400 times the size of the moon. That's why there is a little bit of sun peeking out even in a total eclipse. This is the outer atmosphere of the sun, called the corona.

What is the Diamond Ring Effect?

The diamond ring effect happens at the beginning and end of an eclipse. The corona of the sun looks like a ring. A small portion of light with the shape and brightness of a diamond appears in at the corner of the moon. Together, they look like a diamond ring.

What is an Annular Solar Eclipse?

An Annular Solar Eclipse happens when the moon almost covers the sun. They are not perfectly aligned on their ellipses.

What is a Partial Solar Eclipse?

A Partial Solar Eclipse happens when the moon only partly covers the sun because they are not perfectly aligned on their ellipses.

What is a Total Solar Eclipse?

A Total Solar Eclipse happens when the moon totally blocks the sun, and the corona looks like there's mist around it.

Total Solar Eclipse

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