The Lights are Getting Brighter

What a terrific holiday concert!

Another example of how our kids perform at a high level!

Our school's 5K through third grade children knocked the roof off of the Intermediate Gym on Monday night. Under the direction and fun leadership of Mr. Boucher, the children performed rounds and some harmonies that had the crowd roaring with approval. The facial expressions and the arm and body movements brought huge grins and laughter from our overflow audience. The 12 Days of Christmas tune sung by the third graders was a big hit! Thanks so much for joining us!

Exciting news for you and our staff

We have some exciting plans to show the staff at both schools how much we appreciate what they do for our children!

On Thursday, Dec. 17th, we are having SENDING WARM WISHES DAY!

We are asking families if they are able to send in K-cups of coffee and hot chocolate. (Last year, we gave the staff the coffee machines and they so appreciate the K-cups.) Be sure to include a note from your family!

On Friday, Dec. 18th, we are having a BRUNCH at both schools starting at 10 a.m. If you can help out by donating/making a food item, please click on the links below to sign-up!

For the Primary School

For the Intermediate School

Last, but not least! A CAKE BAKE! This year we will be adding a new treat to our Holiday Staff Appreciation by providing each staff member with a take home cake! The cakes will be presented on Monday, December 21st.

Please help out if you are able; cakes can be home made or store bought! Cakes will not be refrigerated so please keep this in mind.

Cakes should be wrapped and labeled with the type of cake (we'll be dressing them up with a bag and bow as well, but if you want to fancy it up yourself, feel free!).

Please indicate if nuts are included.

You may drop off cakes in the car rider line the morning of the 21st starting at 8:30. We will have runners to Take the Cake!

Please use this link to donate a cake!

Thanks for making this a special time for our wonderful staff!

The Staff Appreciation Committee

Jill Ceren, Jenny Oliaro, Claudia Berry and Cathy James

The assembly was full of fun!

Our Wednesday assembly was a special event. Karly Turniski was awarded the cover of the Yearbook for her wonderful drawing of the Merton Mustang. Mrs. Cleary's class won the boxtop contest for the month and received the trophy. Nathan Kling beil was the #1 box top student with over 300. Our fundraiser horserace was a big hit with Rachel Radish winning and receiving a Culver's gift card. We also learned about Derek Jeter and the contract he had with his parents about "Doing His Best". Quite a morning!

Student Painters

In an effort to use some of our children's talents and to add some seasonal color to our school, our art teachers selected about twenty children, one from each classroom, to paint the windows of the office areas. Under the creative guidance of Mrs. Clague and Mrs. Wille, the children used their skills and talents to paint their colorful designs. Please see below for some examples. Or you can stop in for the real thing.

Dr. Suess Reading Challenge

Our children were challenged during the assembly on Wednesday to be the best readers they can be. Mrs. Shannon and Mrs. Crozier dressed up in the Suess hats to ask the kids if they could read more and meet the challenge of stacking Suess hats all the way around the library. You can see below how the challenge began with two boys who were the first to return their reading sheets. Hope you see the sheets come home and the kids reading more. Thanks for the support.
Big image

Mike Budisch, Head Learner

I encourage you, upon your visits to school, to take a second look at all of the dispayed work produced by our students and hung there by staff and volunteers. Some of oour classroom doors are pretty snazzy too! Thanks for taking that special look!