Kelsey L. 1st Period


Thailand looks like a flower on a stem. The main waterway is called Chao Phraya. Thailand was once called Siam. Their main waterway flows through a central plain. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy. Thailand has a total population of 62.4 million people or more. Most of Thailand is buddhist. The kingdom of Thailand (That's what they call it) the capital is Bangkok.

Come to Thailand and may all of your fears be relieved!

Geography and Climate

Thailand is 510,000 square kilometers. Monsoon winds take a big impact on Thailand's geography and climate. The coordinates on the map are 15 00 N, 100 00 E. The climate in Thailand tropical, rainy, and warm. They have wet hot monsoons in the summer and cold monsoons in the winter.

People and Culture

Thailand's people are writers, painters, sculptors, dancers, musicians, and architects. The minorities are Thai, Malays, Laotian. The Wai is a common form of greeting people. Thailand is a strong hold of buddhism. Thailand believes in something called Karma which means that if you do something good, good will come back to you. They also believe in something called reincarnation which means that if you die you reincarnate into something else like an animal.

Government and Citizenship

Thailand's Citizenship is based on Nationality Act of 1965. There are a couple Thailand laws that you have to follow before you become a citizen. Thailand is governed by a Constitution in 2007. They have a prime minister as head of government. All elections in Thailand are held by the Election Commission of Thailand.


Agriculture takes up about 50% of the population. The Currency in Thailand is called Thai Baht. 1.00 = 0.0335927

Thailand Baht United States Dollar

They have a newly industrialized economy. Thailand is the second largest in southeast Asia.