The effects of technology on standardized test


Throughout the years the way children learn has drastically changed, but one thing has stayed the same is the standardized summative assessments.
New programs have been made to teach students from elementary to middle schools using interactive computer games. These games have been made for all age levels and subjects.
These games are teaching necessary skills to perform better in the class room and testing environment. Games can offer testing review opportunities.
In schools that implicated these programs testing performance was enhanced. Test scores were boosted from the 50th percentile to the 54th percentile.
Seventeen programs were tested on a body of 13,000 students and 121 teachers. Not only was one school used in this research so that the results could be better analyzed.
Out of these thirteen thousand students more than two thirds showed improvement. The only group of students that didn't show improvement were the 17 year old group

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