Odds 'n Ends

4th Grade Updates

Science and History

1. Below is the pacing guide for and science and history. As a reminder, you should have science 2 times a week and history 3 times a week. One of these lessons, per subject, should fall on Friday so that it can align to what we are doing in the class connect sessions. If you come to science and history on Friday and complete the exit ticket, you do not need to complete these lessons with your learning coach on this day.

2. To make sure you have the appropriate number of lessons for these courses, please watch this video: http://help.k12.com/support-videos/adjusting-your-schedule.

3. If you are following the science pacing guide you may have noticed that you have Unit 2 Lesson 6: Unit Assessment on Plant and Animal Interactions on October 16. This unit has quite a bit of vocabulary. There is a fun game that you can play throughout the week to make sure you are ready for Friday. Click below to check it out!

Important Update on Composition

We have been working hard on our writing, and I wanted to go over how the writing classes are being reflected in your composition grade.

As a reminder, Learning Coaches are not to mark off any composition lessons. If I see any lessons marked as complete, I have to put them back on your plan. The only thing the Learning Coach should do for composition is mark off attendance for the time you spend in your Class Connect with me or writing on your paper in your Google Doc outside of my class. I’ve noticed many students with composition lessons marked as complete, and this makes it very difficult for me when I go to mark off the lessons that we have done, so please, as hard as it is to not see the progress changing in composition, don’t touch this course.

Originally I said I would mark off lessons once we are done with our Personal Narrative Unit. However, we are now at a good place where I feel comfortable marking off some lessons. In fact, students who have been coming to my sessions and are where they should be in their writing will be getting 9 lessons marked off in composition, which actually puts them ahead of where they need to be right now. Isn’t that a great feeling? I will hopefully mark off these lessons within the next week.

Alternatively, there are students who are not where they need to be in writing. Students who haven’t been coming to class and haven’t been keeping up with the assignments in their Google Doc will begin to see zeros in their composition gradebook (and the only way to change these zeros is to come to class and get caught up on your writing)! Please make every effort to get where you need to be in writing so your composition course has a good grade! This will also make things easier once we move on next week to adding even more details to our stories. If you aren’t sure where you need to be for writing, then you need to watch any recordings from sessions you have missed. My teaching time is dedicated to giving my students the next steps of our unit and conferencing with my writers. It is unfair to me to expect me to go back and reteach what I have taught numerous times, especially when the recording is available. It is also unfair to the students who come to every class prepared for new information, if I have to go back and explain directions to students who have missed sessions. So please watch any recordings before your next writing session if you know you are not where you need to be in writing or have any questions!

I have seen so many amazing personal narratives this week. I am loving what I am seeing. I have so many great writers! Thank you for all of your hard work!

Learning Style Survey

It's your lucky day! The Learning Style Survey has been extended to Friday, October 23. Click below to take the survey!