Puma Sweatshops

By: Justin Blevins

Where are their sweatshops located?

Pakistan, Korea, Turkey, China, El Savador, Indonesia

What are their products made in sweatshops?

Shoes, Clothing

Does Puma still use Sweatshops?


What are the conditions of the workers in Puma sweatshops?

Young Workers(17-24), Low wages, Long hours, Dangerous and Hostile conditions.

How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditions today?

It gave more ideas to the factories and workers of today.

What solutions are there to sweatshops?

Have older people work by their choice with better pay and better working conditions.

What did you learn?

I learned that young workers and harsh working conditions often are in sweatshops.

As an American consumer, are you now more concerned with how the products you buy are made? Why or why not?

Yes, I don't want a product that an innocent kid made.


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