All Hallows Eve

by Dorothea Tanning

“All Hallows Eve” by Dorothea Tanning

  • vivid imagery and dark words convey a meaning full of deceit and mask the truth to ensure your future. It’s making it seem as if it is something better than it really is.
  • “Be perfect, make it otherwise.” States “Be perfect”, perfection which is so highly prized and so hard to obtain.
  • “You and the werewolf: newlyweds.” No one would ever want to be married to a werewolf but if you do not act perfect you very well might be marrying a monster.
  • When “Countless overwrought housewives,” comes up it is followed by comparisons that show how sad a life as a house wife can be.
  • The comparisons come in to play when talking about the minds of housewives slowly loosing grasp of reality like a spool of thread loses thread.
  • It then goes into how the lost minded housewives “tranquilize” or numb the thought of age and their personal fears with the lipstick and makeup they put on their face. .
  • They may seem calm and peaceful on the outside inside they are still committing the very dangerous acts that caused them to be silenced in the first place.
  • “Sit tight, be perfect, swat the spies,” gives the feeling of an interrogation of some kind, the spies trying to figure your inner most thoughts.
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