The Importance Of Sleep

How much sleep is needed for teens versus adults?

Teens would need about 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep while adults would need 8 hours of sleep. Teenagers would need sleep to grow and develop their brains plus to focus in passing school. Adults would need to sleep to wake up and be more energetic and go to work. #NoSleep #UnemploymentLine #Wellfare #FoodStamps

What is the sleep hormone in teens?

Adrenal hormones would be the sleep hormones in teens and would affect how they sleep or if they would go to bed.

Not A Morning Person - Sleeping (old version) The Refuge

How can sleep help and hurt you?

It can affect how you do in school or socially because you could become paranoid but that's if you don't get sleep. If you do, it prepares you for the day, effecting how you are socially and mentally.