Use an escalator, you can walk later

Why use stairs when escalators can do all the work for you?

Escalators are way better than stairs! They do all the work for you and they are fun too! So why are you still using stairs? Try out escalators today!


Have you ever had so much stuff in your hands in a building and you just can not get up the stairs? Or broken a leg? Well now you have a way to get from one level without even walking!


You can put escalators in any building with two or more levels. You can find them in factories, big houses, and many other places.

Who is using escalators

If you have a broken bone and are carrying a lot of things and it is to hard to get up stairs to another level now you have a solution! Escalators take you from one place to another.
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What does an escalator do

An escalator is a moving staircase. It gets you from one level of a building to the another just like stairs but easier and less work involved for you!

Why was the escalator created

Escalators can be used for amusement and to go you from one place to another but without having to do the work yourself
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While researching escalators I learned a lot of facts about when it was first invented. The escalator was originally called moving stairs and inclined elevator. I learned that at first the escalator was used for transportation and amusement. I also learned that the first escalator was run by steam.

One way the escalator affected people when it was first invented it was fun to them. They had never seen moving stairs before and they found it amusing and it also did help people move from one level to another but it was mainly for amusement at first. One effect escalators have today is it is mainly used for transportation not amusement but depending on the person escalators can be amusing today too.

For my method of persuasive I used compare and contrast. I picked this method because there was another thing (stairs) that I could easily compare to escalators and make a point to how escalators are better than stairs and why someone should use escalators instead of stairs.