The Little League World Series

A tradition like no other

Early Foundation of the LLWS

The Little League World Series was founded in August of 1947 by Carl E. Stotz. Every year, it has been the tradition that it is held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, about 3 hours east of Pittsburgh. Teams travel from all over the country to compete in this once in a lifetime experience. The LLWS struck a deal with ESPN/ABC to broadcast their games in 1982.

To the right is an image of Lamade Stadium, one of two major ballparks located in the complex.

Why the Little League World Series was Started

The LLWS was started to provide a wholesome organization for boys in South Williamsport to play baseball as an ideal to teach them sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork. Little did he know, Carl E. Stotz's small organization that started with 8 volunteers would turn into such a worldwide success. At the start of the LLWS, there were 3 teams. Now, there are nearly 200,000 teams that have competed in the Little League World Series.

Below is a baseball card of Carl E. Stotz

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Most Successful Countries in the LLWS

Host City: South Williamsport, Pennsylvania

South Williamsport, Pennsylvania is a small town located on the eastern side of Pennsylvania. It has a population of about 6,300 citizens. The Little League complex is made up of two main stadiums, Lamade Stadium and Volunteer Stadium. Both of these are used during competition in late August.

To the right is a picture of the LLWS complex in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Little League World Series Interesting Facts

1. Twelve girls have participated on teams in the LLWS (most notably Mone Davis).

2. Volunteer Stadium was not built until 2001.

3. The largest crowd to watch a LLWS game was 45,000 people!

4. LLWS teams pay nothing during their stay in the dorms in South Williamsport.

5. The series is composed of 16 teams: 8 from the United States and 8 from other countries.

6. All umpires and workers are volunteers

To the left is an image of the Little League World Series logo

My Reaction

I really enjoyed researching more about the Little League World Series. Every summer I like to watch some of the games and find it amazing how many teams travel from all over the world. From where it started, with only three teams, to having 16 travel from all across the world is remarkable. Also, I used to play baseball and think it is so interesting how talented some of these teams and individuals are.

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