SUPER Weekly Agenda

5 Ways to Teach with Learning Objectives

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Don’t make the students continually guess what they will be learning. It’s not fun for the students, and they will eventually give up trying. Your learning objective should never be a secret. Your learning objective should be written or placed in a prominent place in your classroom. Some teachers write it in PowerPoint, some use document cameras, and others have their learning objectives written in a dedicated space on their white board. Do what works best for you and your students, but the key is to consistently post it.


Reference your learning objectives in the beginning of each lesson. If you continually talk about (give attention to) the learning objective students will come to understand that this is important and something they should pay attention to. Another way is to have the students do some activity around the learning objective. For instance, you may ask students to reflect on their progress in achieving the learning objective and what they need to meet it.


Avoid going crazy with a paragraph-long learning objective. Keep it simple, allowing the student to understand it. To ensure students understand the learning objective you can have students rewrite the learning objective in their own words.


Examples of activities masked as learning objectives:

“Read Chapter 2 in the your textbook.”

“Summarize Chapter 2.”

Examples of a learning objectives:

Students will be able to

“Describe the author’s perspective in Chapter 2″

“Compare and contrast between current author and a past author’s perspective”


Every activity and assessment must be connected to your learning objectives. Often teachers have great activities, but they have nothing to do with the learning objective.

Technology in the Classroom

I attended a technology training last week and there were some several great suggested resources for teachers. One very easy to use way to do fun quizzes in class is Kahoot! This is a very easy way to place students in groups and use IPADS to allow them to answer review questions etc. Another similar polling/quizzing tool is Socrative. They also introduced us to a mind mapping site called Text2Mindmap. How many of you have had issues remembering your passwords for everything? Me too! Try out Last Pass! Want a place to save all of your favorite websites as visual tiles? Go to Symbaloo. There were several other suggested sites and it gets a little overwhelming. So, I will get you started with these if you are looking to use technology more!! Lastly, a few great resources for finding technology and teaching ideas are: Top 100 Web Tools, Kathy Schrock Resource Page, Ed Tech Toolbox, and Jeff Chicki. Click on the links to explore!

2015-2016 Priorities

  • Balanced Literacy
  • PBIS
  • Movement with Purpose

Data Priorities

  • DIBELS: Use MOY data to set instructional plan and goals for second semester
  • ISTEP Data Targets: ELA 60%, Math 54%
  • IREAD Data Target: 84%
  • NWEA: Finish MOY Testing
  • SRI: Compare lexile and growth to Achieve 3000
  • Achieve 3000: Did you get 5 activities in during January?

Monthly Focus Areas

College Readiness:
  • K-5: Map of Indiana Colleges and their Majors
  • Middle School: Knowing yourself, what are your strengths and interests
  • College Word: Register: To sign up or enroll in a course or courses

Cultural Competency:

  • Black History - All classes should have evidence of participation in the study of black history. There was an e-mail sent regarding the convocation.

House of Values:

  • Kindness: Work to track random acts of kindness within your class

Reminders and Celebrations

  • We are glad to welcome Mrs. Greer and Mr. Stein back this week. Lindsay will be here Monday and Alan will be back on Friday!
  • Thank you to the staff who completed the last minute stress test this week! We really appreciate you!
  • Thank you to our primary teachers for creating a fun 100th Day for students!
  • Thank you Ms. Herdman for helping out in middle school while teachers were out to PD! This was a huge help!
  • Thank you Ms. Green for contacting families off of our waitlist this week! This was a huge help!
  • Thank you Mrs. Crandall for all of your work planning the Kids Dance Outreach Dance! You are really on top of things!
  • Thank you Mrs. Jacobs for continuing to decorate our halls with positive displays!


  • Please keep your Google Doc for ISTEP updated
  • Retention lists are due this Friday
  • Midterms go home Friday
  • Teams are expected to be planning together for ISTEP prep groups. How is your team pushing beyond PLC to common planning, common academic expectations, and common assessments? How are you using the scrimmage data to meet needs beyond the ISTEP prep groups?
  • How are you building stamina with reading and writing for students?
  • Please remember as the weather is better and we go back to outdoor recess we must review expectations again and practice to ensure we don't have constant office issues following recess. Let's be proactive!
  • Please make sure you are sending Beth your reading log data weekly.
  • Please make sure you are working toward your goal of 20 activities complete on Achieve 3000 per student for second semester.

Get Healthy!!

January is: American Heart Month and Dental Health Month

Morning Movement: Movement Crew Says

Monthly Fit Focus: Healthy Hearts: Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in America. To avoid heart disease 60 minutes of activity is recommended daily as well as a heart healthy eating plan.

Activity Challenge: Any time you hear the word go today, stand up and jump in place 10 times then sit down.

5 Star Family Challenge: Make Meal Time a Family Time