7 Burgundy Newsletter


Important Dates to Remember

* All late work is due Wednesday, December 16th

* Pizza Party for students with NO MISSING WORK as of Dec. 16th

*Save the date! Join Eagleview community on December 11 at Briargate Barnes and Noble bookstore for a fundraiser to support literacy programs for our students and to provide gift cards for Patriotic Speech Festival finalists. Use this opportunity to purchase life-changing books for your children and gifts for family and friends. To shop on line, please enter the book fair ID 11722964 at checkout.


I hope that all of you had a restful and wonderful Thanksgiving Break! These next three weeks are going to fly by! So, it is extremely important to keep up with the work in class.

For these last three weeks of the semester, we will complete two units: Animals and Environmental Issues. This week, we will discuss Animals and the differences between Invertebrates and Vertebrates. The students were given a packet on Monday, November 30th that they will spend the week completing AND student will be allowed to use this packet on Friday's Quiz!!! So, it is important for student to use time wisely, since they will NOT be given the opportunity for any redo or quiz corrections on this week's quiz.

The rest of the month will be spent discussing current environmental issues and human impact.

Important Dates:

12/4: Animals Quiz (allowed to use animal chart)

12/11: Mrs. Gaunce will be out for the day

12/14: Last day for missing work/redone assignments (science class only, the rest of the classes are giving until 12/16)


Social Studies


The remaining 3 weeks will be spent exploring Ancient Egypt, Students will be analyzing documents in order to answer the question, "Was the Nile a gift to Egypt?" We will be examining the government, religion, hieroglyphics, the pyramids, and of course mummification!

Mesopotamia projects were due Friday, Nov. 20th. I did not receive projects from over 40% of the team. Parents, could you take a few minutes and look over Infinite Campus or have a discussion with your child about completing and turning in this missing work.

Language Arts


Read! Read! Read! These next three weeks will consist of finishing our novel Code Orange with a cumulative test on December 18. Next week, students will do a similar assignment that our main character, Mitty, is working on throughout the novel, researching an infectious disease. Students will be given three class periods to work on this assignment in class. The finished product will be due Friday, December 11. Please have students look at their grades and turn in any missing assignments.

Advanced Language Arts

Read! Read! Read! These next three weeks will consist of finishing our novel Hounds of Baskerville with a cumulative test on December 18. Please ask your student which project they chose to complete which was assigned before Thanksgiving break. This is an out of class project due December 17. Next week students will be writing a mystery following a contest's guidelines. Students will be given three class periods to publish their mystery. It is due on Friday, December 11.



Math 7 students are working with one-step equations, like terms, and will be moving into two and multi-step equation solving. These topics will take the class up to Christmas break.

Compacted algebra students are graphing linear equations and learning how the equation, data table, graph, and patterns are all interrelated. A fun time for one and all.