Ship's Log

Week of April 29, 2019

We have Tom Arria coming out Tuesday to do a site visit- He is the chair for our NEASC visit in October... PLEASE, please make sure your classrooms, rooms, offices are nice and neat. We want to make sure we make a great first impression. We will meet with Tom at 8:00 in room 7. he will then have a tour of the school and meet with the co-chairs.

Don't forget to wear your badges!!!!

Tomorrow we will have a prayer service in the gym at 9:00. 6-8 can still get their buddies and sit with them in the gym.

This WEEK:

BUS DUTY: Alissa Campbell

Monday- (146) Denise out/Leah cover, Emily G. out/Kim cover

8:30 choir, 9:00 prayer service

10:30 PK Tour

3:30-5:00 Faculty Meeting

Tuesday (Day 147) Emily G out/Kim cover

Tom Arria visit

Books & Beyond Ends

Italian Night 6:00-7:00

Wednesday (Day 148)

Progress Reports 4-8 (K-3 extended to Monday May 6)

Thursday (Day 149)

NC Mtg 5:30 // DC Mtg 6:15

Friday (Day 150)

Consortium Mass/Field Day 5-8 at St. B's

Saturday- Spring Fling Gala!

Happy Birthday

Sunday- Hailey Melodino

Monday- Mrs. D., Mrs. Hartford

Tuesday- Vivi Wyman


Thursday- Natalie Ciccone

Friday- Tyler Woods


Before // After School Activities:

Monday- Choir

Tuesday- BOK 4-8, Cyber Patriot,

Wednesday- Mindful Movement, Art Exploration, Cooking Club

Thursday- BOK K-3, Drama, DIY Crafts

Friday- Super Sports


Cell Phones should not be used for personal use during class/work time. Please limit use to your prep/breaks. We understand there are times you need to be accessible- in those cases just let me know please.

SPRING PHOTOS- collect the photo packages and money- in the envelope and send to the office on Friday. Please keep track of who returns them so you can collect the photos from ALL of your students. Thank you.

  • Don't forget to SIGN IN at the office each morning.... we need to know who is in the building
  • Remember to wear your ID badge Every day (we have clips for them in the office)
  • UPDATE Option C by Monday each week

LESSON PLANS- I know we are coming to the end of the year, but classroom teachers are still expected to have their detailed lesson plans for the week prepared for Mondays.

Just a reminder that you are responsible for the contents of the faculty/staff handbook- These are the guidelines and expectations for staff members

End of Year

The last day of school will be June 13th.
This is always an early release day and we will have our awards assembly in the gym that morning- I'll confirm the time... this is usually followed by our Staff end of year party/luncheon- Location TBD

We will have June 14th off (enjoy) but ALL staff should plan to work on June 17th and 18th to complete additional work on our self study and supporting materials.

We are hoping to finalize most of the work by June 18th but there may be some things that will require additional work before the beginning of the next school year.

Some Great ideas to freshen our bulletin boards for the end of the school year!

A MUST read for classroom teachers!

I love visiting your classrooms and seeing all the amazing things you're doing for kids!

Don't forget to invite me, remind me or share photos of what is happening when I'm not there! Let's keep sharing our story and great happenings!

Good News Call of the Day

Don't forget to make your PAWSitive Referrals! We're almost half way through the year so we need to TRIPLE or efforts... try to suggest a couple each week!

MAP Testing

We need to make sure our students are vested in doing well on the upcoming MAP testing.

We will have a brief assembly after the brief prayer service on May 6th= to kick off Rocking the test.

I want all teachers to give students their RIT scores from the winter in each area.

These can be on laminated cards that can be used over and over. They should have their score and then a 'goal' score for spring.

You can also just write these scores on their desk in expo! We want them to have a score to BEAT and a goal! This will help motivate some students - especially since they will see their score as soon as they finish the test to see if they beat their score or not!

Feel free to get creative....

MAP Testing Schedule

Monday 5/6 Science 3-8, Read 1

Tuesday 5/7 Lang 1, 6-8

Wednesday 5/8 Read 2, 6-8

Thursday 5/9 Read K, 3-5

Tuesday 5/14 math 2, 6-8

Wednesday 5/15 math K, 3-5

Thursday 5/16 lang K, 3-5

Tuesday 5/21 math 1

Wednesday 5/22 lang 2

Upcoming Events:

4/29 Prayer Service 9:00 / Choir 8:30

4/30 Books & Beyond Ends

4/30 ITALIAN Culture Night 6:00-7:00

MAY is Allergy Awareness Month

5/1 Progress Reports

5/3 5-8 Consortium Mass & Field Day at St. B's HS

5/4 Spring Fling Gala

5/6 NO School Mass 9:00- Prayer Service at School

5/6 Teacher Appreciation Week begins

5/8 PTO Out of Dress & PTO Meeting 6:00 *Elections*

5/9 Drama Production of Bye Bye Birdie 7:00PM

5/10 Grade 1- Mother's Day Tea 9:15

5/10 Drama Production of Bye Bye Birdie 7:00PM

5/12 Our Lady of Fatima

5/13 School Mass 9:00

5/15 PK Fashion Show 10:00 AM

5/16 8th grade ropes course

5/17 Crowning of Mary 10:00

5/18 Golf Tournament

5/20-5/24 Grade 6 to Nature's Classroom & Grades 7-8 to Washington DC

5/20 School Mass 9:00

5/24 K & 1 Boston Science Museum trip

5/25 NJHS flags at the cemetery

5/27 NO School- Memorial Day

5/28 Grade 2 & 3 Ecotarium Field Trip

5/30 Ascension Thursday Mass 9:00

5/30 PK-5 Spring Concert

5/31 8th grade retreat

6/3 School Mass 9:00- NJHS INDUCTIONS

6/3 Violin Concert 6:30

6/5 Worcester Bravehearts Baseball Game K-8

6/6 Clap Out 11:00

6/6 8th Grade Graduation 5:00

6/7 Field Day

6/10 School Mass 9:00

6/11 Preschool Graduation 10:00

6/12 PTO Out of Dress Day

6/13 LAST Day of School- Awards in Gym 9:00 // Dismissal 11:30

PLC/Faculty Meetings: ** We need hosts for these meetings! Thanks **

April 29 NEASC work

May 6- Self Study Review