Stephanie St. Clair

Aida Larson

A woman of her time who wasn't afraid to be daring

Stephanie St. Clair was a female gang member in the 1920's Harlem, New York during prohibition. She was one of the only women in history to be involved and head of organized time in this time period. Her gang was well feared and one of the most well known in the city. No one would have wanted to mess with them, no one.

As well as a gangster

Stephanie was a women rights activist, community figure, a writer, and an overall very intelligent woman for the time. She was quick witted, strong, tough and wasn't afraid of the consistences of her actions as long as it meant justice to her and her gang.

She was a black woman in a white man's world

With this said, she let nothing stop her. She fought against racism, and sexism more than she fought against gang members and the police. Some wouldn't call her a gangster, just a determined woman who used mafia style tactics. She let nothing about her gender or race stop her. Some men feared her power, it was rare at the time for a woman to have this much power.

She was a legend of Harlem

Although some facts are known, Stephanie St. Clair's life is shrouded in a lot of mystery. We know she came from Europe to America at one point, and that she was fluent in French. She was known by some people as "The Lady gangster" or "Queenie" only because they didn't know her full name.

The woman herself

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Have you learned?

1) In what year did Stephanie come to harlem?

2) What was her nickname?

3) How much money did she make a month? was this a lot for the time?