Bobcat's Reading Den

Falll Newsletter for Buckner Elementary Library

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Books and Brownies Event!

Do you want to know what reading options your student has? Are you curious about what our library fundraisers have paid for? Come to our Books and Brownies event and get a peek at what life in the Bobcat Reading Den is all about. If you enjoy the event, please see the librarian about becoming a possible volunteer in our school library!

-Have students show you their favorite areas or books

-Browse our collection and make a list of books you think your student may enjoy

-Become more familiar with what the school library has to offer

All while enjoying snacks! Books and Brownies will be on September 19 from 5-7:30 p.m.

Happenings in the Stacks

If You Think Our School Is A Little Weird, Check These Out!

Having a normal school day just isn't interesting enough for some students. While things might not be at the height of excitement at all times here at Buckner, at least our building isn't in danger of falling over and it's pretty safe to say that the staff isn't made up of undead creatures! The cafeteria food won't send you to the hospital and gymnastics are not required to learn core subjects. In this volume of Check These Out, meet three book series that may make the quiet school days here at Buckner a much appreciated thing.

Contest Corner

It's always hard to get back in the swing of things when a new school year rolls around. Next summer may be a distant thought for some, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Encouraging students to read, and enjoy it, is one of the primary goals in our building. Finding something they want to spend time at home reading is always a benefit of having school book fairs. Now we have a chance to combine the two! All students who turn in ALL of their monthly reading logs during the whole school year will be entered to win one of four 50$ gift certificates to spend at the year-end book fair held in May. To make the contest even better, the May Scholastic book fair is buy one get one free! Every student has the chance to win 100$ worth of books to keep those reading goals right on track through the summer!
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