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Cambridge School's Weekly Parent Newsletter

March 7th

Bonnie H. Capes, Principal & Michael Scheese, Assistant Principal

~ The Upcoming Week ~

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  • Language Arts Consultant from Columbia University Visits Cambridge


  • PTO Meeting - 7pm






A full week of school!! This past week was, by far, my favorite at Cambridge School! I had an opportunity to read to every single class as part of the festivities for Read Across America Week! In addition, I must thank the entire Read Across America Week Committee, chaired by Mrs. Ravichandran. The activities and special days planned were a wonderful way to celebrate the importance of reading!

As a reminder, the school calendar has been amended to reflect the missed time from prior snow days. The Board of Education has reinstated this Friday, March 14th, a previously scheduled Professional Development Day, as a full day of school.

Thank you to all of the Cambridge families who have done so much to support our school raffle and auction with advertisements or donations. We are thrilled to have such amazing support! Do not forget that you can get your tickets for this fun-filled event now!! Also, if you are a parent of a 5th grade student, please consider purchasing a booster to share a special message in honor of your child. Details are available on the Friday Folder.


  • SPANISH: Thank you Miss O'Brien, the long-term substitute for Spanish! On Monday, Mrs. Valenti will return to Cambridge. We thank Miss O'Brien for everything she has done to support the Cambridge students with their World Language instruction. We wish her well in her future!
  • PINK SLIPS: Please remember to send in a PINK SLIP if your child has a change in dismissal or an absence. When parents show up unexpected, children are often confused when they are pulled from class. Please communicate any changes with the main office so our teachers can have the children prepared.
  • DAYTIME CALLS: Keep in mind that children are actively learning every day. The main office will not put through phone calls to any teachers while they are teaching. If there is an emergency, you can share this information with the main office and we will work to ensure children are aware. Otherwise, you will be forwarded to voicemail to leave a message for the teacher to retrieve when they are not instructing.
  • SAFETY: Finally, I want to remind you about the importance of safety during arrival and dismissal. Our children's safety is extremely important. I will be sending a special letter in the upcoming week regarding the procedures and expectations for your role in keeping our children safe!

Thank you for your support and have a great weekend!

Mrs. Capes :)


Please check the Lost & Found buckets! There is a large amount of clothing and accessories that has accumulated over the past few weeks. We will donate all remaining items by the end of March. Thank you!




Any changes in dismissal for your child on their designated club day need to be put into writing utilizing the "pink" form the main office sends home in the beginning of the year.

Examples of changes in dismissal for clubs are: not attending the club due to an appointment, child not attending and should ride the bus home, child being picked up early or child going home with another family.

Please avoid e-mail communication as we may not get the opportunity to check the system before the clubs meet. All teachers receive changes in dismissal in their mailboxes and check it to their club rosters.

Thank you for your cooperation!

~ Upcoming PTO Events ~


Friday, March 21st, 5:45-7:45pm

1000 Cornwall Rd

Monmouth Jct, NJ

SKATE NIGHT is Friday, March 21 from 5:45 – 7:45. Ticket orders are DUE Wednesday, March 14th!

The Annual Cambridge Raffle & Auction Spectacular

Friday, April 4th, 6:30-9:30pm

35 Cambridge Road



From Mrs. Guidice's Health Office

March is National Nutrition Month

As parents, you can do a lot to help your children learn healthy eating habits. Involving them in meal preparation and cooking can motivate them to try new foods and is a good way to spend time together as a family.

  • A healthy eating plan
  • Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat or fat free milk products
  • Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs and nuts
  • Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, sodium/salt and added sugars. Dedicate yourself to a healthy March (and beyond) with these tips.

Eat Breakfast. There is no better way to start your day than with a healthy breakfast. Try oatmeal, sliced almonds and berries with yogurt, or a toaster waffle topped with fruit.

Make Half Your Plate Fruits and Vegetables. Fruits and veggies add color, flavor and texture plus vitamins, minerals and fiber to your plate. Make 2 cups of fruit and 2 ½ cups of vegetables your daily goal. Don’t let winter stop you from enjoying produce. It may be harder to find fresh options, but frozen and canned are great alternatives.

Enact Family Meal Time. Research show that family meals promote healthier eating. Plan to eat as a family at least a few times a week. Set a regular mealtime. Turn off the TV, phones and other electronic devices to encourage mealtime talk. Get kids involved in meal planning and cooking and use this time to teach them about good nutrition.

Dawn Guidice


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