All About Me...

Cammi Deters


I was born June 12, 2002 in a very small town known as Sulphur Springs. Well if you want to know about me the most important thing is probably going to be that I have a short temper that can be set off with ease. I wasn't exactly raised in a perfect family where you get what you want when you want it and you have no rules. My family is strict and I don't know all my family members. Like my bi-logical father, I don't know him or the siblings on his side of my family. Best to just stay on my good side ;)

My Parents

Well my mother, she's awesome. Like the best mom ever. She can be really strict sometimes, but then again she has to try and keep ME in line. It's not easy trust me... I should know... it's me she's controlling :D My dad never really knew him. Left before I was born. But I was raised by someone else I call my dad. He's awesome to. he got me a horse and a dog and cats and all the stuff I like, but more importantly he takes care of me like a father should.
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I have three siblings. I have my older brother Kyle, he's 16 now and almost ready for his drivers license. I just hope I don't die in the car when he's driving it. I have my little brother Cade who is 7 and way annoying. I don't know how I survive it. Last I have my older step-sister Julie. She is officially 18 now. Wow look how time flies. I was going to have a birth older sister, but sadly she was born to early and died. My mother was crushed that's what she tells me. My sister was going to be a year older than me and her name was Keiran. That's a pretty name.

Favorite Restraunts

I have three favorite restaurants mainly though i eat salad foods. This is reason one why my mom likes to call be her fawn... I don't really get it.

Now for my Favorite Hobbies

I don't really do much at home. I play video games like a normal kid. Unlike most girls though I don't play barbie doll games. I like call of duty and halo, border lands modern warfare. I'm not your average teenage girl. I do however like animals though. This brings me to my favorite hobby, riding my horse in competitions.

My Animals

These are my awesome fuzz buddies. They win amazing first place competition ribbons, scratch up my furniture and sometimes chew my shoes, but I still love them. My favorite animals have always been these three species.


All lot of things have happened to me. Things I wouldn't advise talking about. Not everything is perfect in a mild rule filled life. You can get rebellious and want to hang out more with your friends. This leads to stupid decisions. I'm not good at rule following... just ask my mother.

Cross Country Horse Jumping

This horse is Zanzibar, he is a popular cross country jumping horse. He is also a Friesian like lightning. This is the major I ride in and hope to ride my mare, Crystal's foal in. I do not do as high jumps as him though. Lightning is still a junior.
Zanzibar, Friesian horse jumping