mental illness

is depression bipolar disorder and anxiety a mental illness?

do you agree that these "disorders" are considered a mental illness?

These disorders do not define who you are. They are only a problem you go through in your life

mental illness is not a reason to hate somebody. not all people are crazy.

"with approximately 1 in 4 people in the u.s diagnosed with a mental illness, awareness of those impacted is also growing. those affected are commonplace in our daily lives and may include a classmate with adhd, an aunt with bipolar disorder or a father with depression"

the researchers analyzed data from the iu-led stigma in global context- mental health study, which talked with 19,508 study participants , "iu study: 'backbone' of mental illness stigma common in 16 countries studied"

frenquently asked questions about mental illness

what is depression?

a: depression is when the brain continues to make you think that everything that you or somebody else does has a bad effect on life. you constantly think that everything you do is incorrect and that you are a failure. but do you purposely do this? no. there's cells in your brain that are missing, or maybe don't function like others, and this leads to depression.

what is bipolar disorder?

bipolar disorder is also known as manic depressive illness, that causes unusual shifts in your mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day to day activities. this could be severe, or not so severe. it could lead to more problems such as anxiety, or postpartum depression.

what is anxiety?

there are several types of anxiety. some of which include: panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, or generalized anxiety disorder. these disorders can ruins peoples lives, giving them nothing but worry and concern. if you have panic disorder, you worry and freak out about everything. it could be as simple as dropping a pencil off your desk. with social anxiety disorder, it is very hard to get around or stay in loud or big groups, because you are scared of everything and anything. some people cant even shop, or go to school because of how bad their disorder is. generalized anxiety disorder could be about anything. time, their past, school, friends, or just worrying all together. this disorder is dangerous, and could potentionally end somebodies life.

"Only 15% of those who ever get a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder get treated, which means that the 85% who don't get treatment could have chronic mental illness throughout their lives, dramatically impacting the metal health of their children, according to a report by Harvard university's center on the developing child."

All the articles touch base about these disorders being on the rise in America and not only America but around the world. 1 in 4 people have one of these problems , and deal with them throughout their regular life. There are ways to treat them such as medication or therapy, but there's also nothing you can really do about having this disorder. It doesn't just go away, you can only maintain it. These articles touch base on weather or not these things make you "crazy" or "socially unacceptable " but do they really? Can you walk down the hallway and point out people with a problem? These disorders are not what define people. It's how we let people treat others about it is what defines you

Does mental illness define who you are.

Absolutely not.

Q: my friend has depression and all she does is sit at home so why does she not get put in a hospital or something.

A: does your friend really have depression? Have you really ever talked about it or did you assume? Most friends don't even realize that their friend since the preK have aw tap disorder

Q: if I have anxiety does that mean I should get treatments?

A: it's suggested that you go to a doctor . If counting things is what makes you happy and less stressed than count. And if having to skip school occasionally makes you feel better, skip school. Your mental health is more important than anything else.

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