Jessica Cohen


Airfare Cost and Schedule

The airfare cost total for two people round trip is $1,098.50.There is two stop coming home. There i one stop going there.

Time DEN-MEX-2:25PM-11:29PM The stop time is 1 hour and 49 minutes.

(total time =12 hours and 22 minutes)


The hotel I will be staying at is Hilton hotel. In Mexico,city the hotel I'm staying at has

Wifi,parking,pets allowed,AC and much more. It's $144 a night.Total cost of the hotel at the is $1,596 There is so many hotels and they are double the price.,Distrito-Federal,Mexico-c53588/2014-04-30/2014-05-07/2guests


history and culture

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

The main thing in Mexico is you must to know how to chat with the Spanish people. When I explore to Mexico I must to know how to speak Spanish so I need a translator. Also you need to know what foods they eat.I should use this website.You need to know what kind of food they have.What if you eat something and you get sick then you probably will need to go to the hospital. And there is right now in Mexico there was a little kid that was one years old and she was on the boat and was 100 miles away from the shore. Then finally the U.S Navy went and saved the little girl. In Mexico there could be bad things. The little girl is safe now.


There is a lot of places to go I choose Mexico because it has so many things to do. For example,the food,ice skating,horseback riding and so much more! In Mexico there is really good places to go. In Mexico there is good stuff to buy i think they make a lot of things by hand. This is te reasons why i went to Mexico. Also I liked learning about Mexico.