Important information you need to know about Dubai.


Dubai is a city in United Arab Emirates, located inside the emirate which is located in the southeast cost of the Persian gulf.

Three question about the social side and the history of Dubai.


1. What language do the people speak in Dubai?

A. The main language spoken in Dubai is Arabic.

2. What is the religion practiced in Dubai?

A. The major religion that is practiced in Dubai is Islam.

3. Approximately how many people live in Dubai?

A. An estimate was shown in 2013 that 2.106 million people lived in Dubai.


1. When did Dubai come to be known in the world?

A. The earliest record mention of Dubai was in 1905.

2. What was it like in Dubai before all the building?

A. Dubai was a desert with people living in small houses.

3. When was the emirates formed?

A. The emirates was formed on December 2nd 1971

Three questions about the environmental and technological side to Dubai.


1. What is the climate like in Dubai?

A. It is scorching all year round in Dubai and they never really has a winter.

2. What is the national animal of Dubai?

A. The national animal of Dubai is the Falcon.

3. What is Dubai doing to change the environment to make money?

A. Dubai is turning sand into real estate to sell for money because by 2016 all of Dubai's oil will run out and they will need a new way to make money.


1. How has Dubai changed (technologically) from the past 50 years?

A. Dubai used to have sand roads and houses without amenities and now its filled with sky scarpers and lots of new technology.

2. Does Dubai's law have the right technology to catch criminals?

A. Yes Dubai's law does have the right technology to catch criminals as the police vehicle is a Lamborghini.

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The Picture above is a picture of Dubai 30 years ago