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Setting a Teacher Resolution for 2019


Even though we're nearing the halfway point of the school year, it seems kind of strange to be talking about resolutions. But, as we head into 2019, what would you like your #oneword or Teacher Resolution be? Do you have one? If you select one, you could share it out or keep it private. Additionally, imagine doing this with your students. What is one thing that they want to accomplish this year at school? Below are a few ways to document this idea for yourself, or as an activity.

Teacher Mission Statements

As Matt Miller writes in his book, Ditch That Textbook, having a mission statement solidifies your end goal for the year. He suggests creating a Teacher Mission Statement. That can be a 30 word goal that you have for the school year. Or, if you want to narrow it down, you can simply select one word that characterizes your desired accomplishments. What is it you want to achieve professionally as an educator? What do you want your students to be able to do? What do you envision for them? These are a few questions to spur your thinking moving forward.

Using Google Classroom

If you decide to do this activity with your students, there are a few different tools they can use. The simplest is Google Classroom. A teacher can post a Short Answer question on the Google Classroom page and have students respond that way. They could create simple Student Mission Statements, or simply have them select a word and explain why they chose that for themselves moving forward. This could be recorded in this cohesive list on Google Classroom.

Collect Ideas using Wakelet

If you'd like a "background" response to this question, you might use a tool like Wakelet. This is a new tool that I have recently become more familiar with. It is similar to a "back channel" site where the responses occur in real time and simultaneously with the lesson, but it is not the focus at the moment. This is also quite similar to Padlet, another awesome resource for something like this activity. Allowing students to freely post what they'd like in this chat-like forum could have major positives for your students selecting goals.

Record Responses with Flipgrid

Yet another amazing use to amplify your students' voices, Flipgrid is another terrific tool. Set up a Topic for your students' mission statements or word. Then, they could have a designated amount of time (set by you) to explain their word or statement, why they chose it or included what they did, and demonstrate their goals using their individual devices.

What is your One Word?

A Twitter (and real life) friend of mine, Sean Fahey from Indiana created a fantastic resource for you to use in addition to the previous tools. He created a "One Word HyperDoc" that can be shared with your students where they can choose their word and explain their thinking. If you'd like to use this in your classroom, simply click the link and click "Use as Template" in the upper right hand corner. Even though it is for last year, you can modify your template to create it for 2019. Huge hat tip to Sean for creating this and sharing this out for educators everywhere!

Share it Out!

If you've decided to select the One Word for the school year, share it out! Post it on Twitter using the hashtag, #OneWord2019. If you'd like to tag me (@emosier3) or Sean (@seanjfahey), please feel free! Here's to making 2019 a more goal-centered, student-focused, and successful teaching year!

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