LPA Fourth Grade

Developing World Class Leaders ....One Student at a Time



SLOs: Students are wrapping up SLO testing.

STAR: Students will be completing STAR, Literacy, Math, and Reading assessments. ITBS: Students will be participating in testing the second two weeks in September.

CogAT: Students will be participating in testing the first week of October.

Males…we need you!!! Watch D.O.G.S. is an excellent program to demonstrate and emulate positive male figures to our scholars. The sign up form is on the website or you can email Mrs. May, directly at roshanda.may.lpa@gmail.com.

Arrival: After 8:00am, please be prepared to bring your scholar into the building and sign them in, as they are late. Dismissal: Parents, for changes in how your scholar goes home, please notify your child’s teacher and the appropriate administrative assistant, no later than 12:00pm on the day of the change. This helps the car/van-rider lanes move smoothly.

We are currently collecting Box Tops in all classes. If you donate Box Tops, they can be used as a portion of your volunteer hour requirements. For every 20 Box Tops, you will be credited one volunteer hour.

The Fourth Grade Team has decided to prohibit the use of mechanical pencils. This decision was based off of several incidents of pieces of lead being stole or argued over, lead left on the classroom floor, pencils missing, and other distractions. Please make sure your scholar has at least two regular pencils to use throughout the day.

Social Studies

We are concluding our study of Native Americans by having the students create projects to show what they know. Once they have been turned in, we will be moving onto the Original 13 Colonies. We will begin by focusing on the following standards:

SS4H3 The student will explain the factors that shaped British colonial America.

a. Compare and contrast life in the New England, Mid-Atlantic, and Southern colonies. b. Describe colonial life in America as experienced by various people, including large landowners, farmers, artisans, women, indentured servants, slaves, and Native Americans.

**Native American projects will be completed this week. Ms. Beard's class due Tuesday, September 8. Mr. Jeffries' class due Friday, September 11.**

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