Formative Assessment

Student Response System Data Driving Improved Instruction


Rebecca D. Ungerer

Media Coordinator

Rowan Salisbury Schools

Elizabeth Duncan Koontz Elementary

Teachers in upper grades needed a way to quickly assess students to improve reading comprehension skills. The ITF and I set out to assist with this process by developing staff development using ActivInspire Software for self paced quizzes and the ActivExpression2 student response system devices.

How We Did It

Working with the reading coach, we created how to videos and posted them to a YouTube channel for teachers to access. We also provided small group instruction twice a week and one to one as requested. Follow up was essential in ensuring students and teachers became proficient in the use of the ActivExpression2 devices and self paced quizzes. The reading coach followed up with showing how to analyze the data exported from the ActivInspire software.


Due to additional directives from the district and administration, our training did not reach as many teachers as first anticipated. However, the six that we were able to continue on with now use the ActivExpression2 devices throughout their day and across the curriculum. Teachers feel confident in their use of the devices and software result exporting of the student quiz scores and have data readily available to show parents student growth and/or areas of concern.