Reviewed by one of the greatest philosophers of the Past

Come see it! Even Aristotle loved this film, look what he had to say!

#1 Plot: This Disney Pixar animated film is about a man named Carl Fredrickson who has always had a dream of moving to a lost land in South America with his wife Ellie. 70 years later and Ellie has passed away, when he is forced to go into a retirement home him and 8 year old Russel make Carl's house fly away in hope of getting to South America.

#2 Character: Carl Fredricksen, Russell, and Dug are the main characters that make this movie heart warming and funny.

#3 Thought: The theme of this film is that sometimes life is more about the adventure and not just getting to the destination.

#4 Diction: "Good afternoon are you in need of any assistance today sir?" How could you say no to little sweet Russel? The diction of this playwright is great!

#5 Sound: The sound effects of this movie add a great effect and make it feel like you're on the adventure with them!

#6 Spectacle: A house that they got to fly in the air with thousands of balloons? Now that's incredible!

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