Google (GOOG)

By: Hayden Theis

GOOG Background

Google was incorporated in September 4, 1998. The founder was Sergey Brin and the CEO is Larry Page. Google also owns Youtube, Songza, Postini, Keyhole. Google competes in internet info providers against Yahoo, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft.
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GOOG Factors

Google's products and services are product and services supply lists. There are 53,600 people employed at google. The companies net worth is $350 billion.

GOOG Financial

Google's annual financials are:

2010=8.51 billion / 2011=9.74 billion / 2012=10.79 billion / 2013=12.21 billion / 2014=13.93 billion. The chart has been improving.

GOOG stock info.

Google's symbol is GOOG, and it trades on NASDAQ. Its stocks high/low are 604.83/487.56 for the last year. For the 52 day high/low it's 558.35/548.88. Google's last split was jan 6, 2014 because of an internet search grant. They have 374.07 billion total shares available for trade. Glass door pros to google is, great work life balance. Its cons are, working long hours.
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Daily finances: Its been having a hectic week in the world of business from Google's fall in the stocks; Google's stocks plunged suddenly on Thursday afternoon after it released it's earnings.


I would still buy this stock. Profit/loss in the game so far is a loss of $-7,498.29 or -7.5%. I learned that if you loose profit, stay invested so you earn it back before you sell.