Neptunium (Np)

Possible Aliases: Neptunium was named after the planet Neptune and the god Neptunus.
Origin or Place of Birth: Produced by Edwin M. McMillian and Philip H. Abelgon in 1940 in the Berkeley Laboratory
Description: They are radioactive, it was once a rare element but it is now somewhat easily produced in a nuclear reactor.
Atomic Number: 93
Atomic Mass: 237
Melting Point: 917K (644c or 1191F)
Boiling Point: 4175K (3902c or 7056F)
Phase at Room Temperature: Solid
Note of Special Characteristics: Neptune is a silvery radioactive synthetic metal (Miniscule quantities of neptunium-237 and neptunium-239 are found in nature as a result of beta decay of uranium)
Known Hideout Locations: In the Earth's crust
Known Accomplices: neptunium oxide and oxygen