my personal mount rushmore

mount rushmore

mount Rushmore has 4 faces of the presidents. they are George Washington , Thomas

Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt,and Abraham Lincoln. The designer was Guizot Borglum

.mount Rushmore is near keystone,south Dakota ,the workers finished mount

Rushmore in 1941 if i could design my own mount Rushmore i would have these people who are

important to me carved into the granite :Aaron my dad,my mom ,and my grandma.

my first person

The first person i would stick on my mount Rushmore would be Aaron. He is the first

best friend ever in my life. Sometimes he gives me stuff and he is nice. He isn't mean

and he plays mine craft with me. And that is my first person in would stick on my mount Rushmore.

second person

Time Yates my dad is the second person I would stick only Mount Rushmore He taught

me to shoot a gun. He the best dad ever. He takes care me and buys me my favorite

food I like hamburgers and hot dogs and ice cream he gives me a house above my head.

third person

The third person i would stick on my mount Rushmore would be my mom. She takes me

out to eat at my favorite places. She can be the best mom ever! She takes me to go and

do things at the community center. She takes me to go see my friends all the way in

Lincoln. she makes sure that i have fun with my friends. ANN/YATES.

the fourth person

The fourth person i would a stick on my Mount Rushmore would be my grandma . She

gets these cool things from her work.because her work gives her theses boxes filled of

stuff .She buys me my favorite games. One of the games she. Bought me was little big

planet 2 grandma/ Jean.

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