Happy Birthday Becky!

From the team!

We hope your day is filled with so much joy!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Becky!! I hope you have an amazing day :) Cindy P


The flowers are blooming and the sun is shining (now and then ;) so it must mean it’s time to celebrate your birthday! Thanks for all you do every day but now it is time for you to enjoy YOUR day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~ Bobbi Haworth

It has been a pleasure working with you and also developing a friendship with you. You are a ray of sunshine when we all need it and a valuable asset to our team. Have a blessed day today on your special day! Happy Birthday! ~ Cheryl

Happy Birthday Becky! I hope your special day is even half as special as you!

Cindy A.

Happy Happy Birthday Becky! You are an amazing, compassionate woman. Your families are so lucky to have you in their corner. And we are so very lucky to have you as our team mate! Erin

Happy birthday, Becky!!! I hope that you are silly and carefree on your special day. You’re never too adult to smash your face into your cake…do it! It’ll freak out your family. :) Heather

Becky, you are so kind and patient and I feel so lucky to have you as my teammate and friend! I hope that you have the best day today! Happy Birthday!! ~ Denise

Happy Birthday Becky! I hope that the next year of your life is as kind, loving, and warm-hearted as you are. I hope that today fills you will joy and offers your opportunities to relax, enjoy life, and cherish your surroundings. We are so very lucky to have you on our team! ~ Amy

Happy Birthday Becky! You are a great blessing to me on the team ! Thanks for all you do!

Have a super day!