You've been accepted into the Fall 2016 DE Readiness Course!

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You have been selected to participate in the Fall 2016 Faculty Distance Education Readiness Course!

We hope that you are excited about the opportunity to reflect on pedagogy and use of instructional technologies in the online environment. For planning purposes, please note the the DE Readiness Course is set to run September 14 - November 16, 2016. Fall Break will be observed from October 5-11, 2016.

As you prepare to take the Faculty Distance Education Readiness Course this Fall, we do ask that you complete the tasks below.

1. Complete the OAKS Self Assessment Checklist.

  • This ensures that you have a functional knowledge base of OAKS and the most frequently used tools.

  • You can access the checklist at:

  • This is due August 24, 2016.

  • If you need a refresher on some of the tools, the TLT Tutorials Blog has detailed text and video based tutorials on how to use the tools within OAKS:

  • You must complete the OAKS Self Assessment Checklist by the due date listed above to gain access to the DE Readiness Course in OAKS.

  • You will NOT learn how to use OAKS in the DE Readiness Course. By completing the checklist, you are indicating that you are proficient with OAKS or you have identified areas for improvement to be completed PRIOR TO the start of the course.

  • When filling out the OAKS Self Assessment Checklist, please answer as honestly and openly as you can. Remember, your answers will NOT keep you from being enrolled into the DE Readiness Course so please indicate your abilities as honestly as you can. This will help us as we progress through the course and as we report to SACS for accreditation purposes.

2. Complete the Teaching Perspectives Inventory

  • We will use this information to form working groups/partners, match you with a Mentor, and allow you to start the reflective process early.

  • You can access the TPI at:

  • This is also due August 24, 2016.

  • Please don’t forget to respond to the questions on the bottom of the page as well.


We will provide you with the course syllabus as well as additional course details on August 31st, two weeks before the course officially starts on September 14th.

Please keep in mind that once the course starts we will release a module each Wednesday for you to complete. While you are free to work at your own pace for the duration of the module, there will be group work and deadlines associated with some of the activities. We'll also be utilizing the discussion board heavily in this course, so be prepared to check in and participate often throughout each weekly module.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Amy Ostrom.