By Gabrielle Costlow

What is a Dietitian/Nutritionist?

These people help patients, whether they are in a certain health care facility or if they set up an appointment, create meal plans and exercise workouts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Job Outlook

  • 64,400 people are currently employed
  • This career with increase 20% within the next 10 years
  • Locations you will find a nutrionist: hospital, nurse care facilities, outpatient, office buildings
  • Work at least 8 hours a day

  • Mostly full time, 20% are part time, 15% are self-employed


  • General: Explain nutrition issues to patients, promote healthy habits, reviews patients' and clients' health needs, develop meal plans
  • Specific: Help with kidney diseases, help pregnant women, meal plans to reduce salt, sugar, or obesity, overweight.


  • Must maintain an active and healthy lifestyle
  • People skills, speaking skills, analytical and organization skills are necessary for this field
  • Bachelors degree
  • This program is at Virginia Tech: Blacksburg, VA, and Keiser University: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Expert in nutrition science is recommended


Beginning Salary: 31,460, Average Salary: 53,250, Exceptional Salary: 73,410.
Extra things that might need to be bought: Office supplies, Nutrition info books, Exercise books, Work clothes

Nature of the job

With this job, a few benefits that could come out of working would be maintaining a healthier lifestyle because of the knowledge of food and exercise. This job is not a high maintainence career and so you won't be out late because of a patient. A hazard would be the clients you have. This is because they may not always want to cooperate with the opinions and ideas they have to say in order to help the person.


A few injuries that a dietitian would see are heart related problems, diabetes, and obesity. That are others that would be in their office as well but these are most common. If a person has diabetes type II, you would be able to identify it by their blood pressure, and weight. To help this person, a dietitian would create a meal plan to help lower their sugar and sodium intake.

Are you interested in this career?

From what I have learned, it is fairly interesting because it deals with being fit and who wouldn't want to be healthy? My outlook on the future doesn't not involve this job. It is an office type of job and I'm looking for more of a hands on career. Overall, I do enjoy talking to people, but not trying to tell them what they don't want to do to be healthy.