Social Justice Books and Resources

Titles to Promote Kindness, Understanding and Rights for All

Students' feelings of safety and learning outcomes go hand in hand. So much of our work at the beginning of the school year is to create a culture of trust and community to promote students’ willingness to take learning risks and live a growth mindset. The images and language many children witnessed in news reports about the Charlottesville protests create an added layer of complexity to this crucial process of community building.

To support teachers engaged in this delicate work of starting a dialogue with students about recent events, Denver Public Schools Library Services created this list of social justice books which promote kindness and rights for all.

While such discussions may seem political in today's climate, consider the words of education writer Valerie Strauss in her August 13th Washington Post article:

"...these discussions are about fundamental American values, and age-appropriate ways of discussing hatred and tolerance in a diverse and vibrant democracy are as important as anything young people can learn in school."





Looking for more resources?

NNSTOY Social Justice Book List provides a comprehensive list of books for ECE-12 students which cover social justice themes including racism, inclusion, immigration, classism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of the LGBTQ community.

Raising Race Conscious Children is an online resource for leading young children in discussions about race, with the goals of dismantling the color-blind framework and preparing young people to work toward racial justice.

For a growing list of web sites, book lists, and curriculum for teaching social justice, follow

#CharlottesvilleCurriculum on Twitter.