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4 helpful tips

In order to make things simple for you, here are 4 helpful tips:

  1. Your Dot Dollars Promo Codes can be redeemed on ALL the GORGEOUS Jewelry. Dot Dollars can be redeemed on everything except bags, scarves, and other non-jewellery items.
  2. You'll Need to Spend a Minimum of $50 for EACH $25 Dot Dollar Promo Code. A box will display during checkout indicating how much you need to spend on jewelry in order to redeem your Dot Dollars.
  3. I Can Place Your Dot Dollar Redemption Order for You: Just send me an e-mail at or you can call or text me at 613-349-6038 and I'll take care of everything!
  4. Every $25 Dot Dollars You Redeem is a Chance to WIN Hundreds of Dollars in FREE and 1/2 Price Items: I've set up a Trunk Show that's EXCLUSIVELY for my clients who earned Dot Dollars in June - all the details are below...

redeem DOT DOLLARS = WIN the hostess rewards!!!!

For EVERY $25 in DOT DOLLARS you redeem for this Trunk Show, you'll earn 1 DRAW TICKET and, when I do the draw on Friday, July 12th at NOON EDT, the ticket I draw will WIN THE HOSTESS REWARDS - how FREAKING FABULOUS Is that?!?

For example, if you select $268.00 worth of jewelry and redeem $125.00 Dot Dollars ($125.00 / $25 = 5), this means you'll earn 5 tickets for the draw so...the more you redeem, the greater your chance of winning (no limits)!!!

Just go to to revisit all of the goodies - and don't forget to check out the amazing sale items (get 'em before they're gone forever)!

You can either place an online order (we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express) or contact me directly and I'll take care of everything!

want to know MORE about...

...having your own Trunk Show or becoming a Stylist?!?

If you're interested in hosting your own Trunk Show, we offer amazing Style Rewards (on average, our Hostesses receive over $250 and 4 half off items). I’m now booking shows in July to debut our NEW Fall collections - and I still have a couple of dates left - so let me know if you’d like me to save one for you!

If you thought it looked like I was having too much fun to be "working" then let's talk! You might be curious to learn if being a Stylist could work for you (or someone you know). It’s simple, profitable, flexible and, most importantly, FUN!!!

I'm here to help so please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions about anything!

Stylishly yours,

Robyn Houle

Your Independent Stella & Dot Stylist

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