Understanding the Digital Divide

5 Conditions

There are many differences between those using technology and those who are not. The differences in technological access exist on many levels, including demographics, understanding available technology, connectivity to technology, and successfully using technology. Based on these differences, there are many alternative ways to define the digital divide.

As you explore the five conditions, others' definitions of the digital divide, and other provided media within this Stich.it, please think about how you would define the term "digital divide" according to your own experiences within your classroom and school division. Also, in your exploration, please think of strategies you will implement to overcome the digital divide(s) you perceive.

5 Conditions:

1. Knowing that the information or information service is available

2. Owning or having access to the equipment necessary to connect

3. Connect to the information source (e.g., computer, television, telephone, software, modem)

4. Gaining access to the information service (e.g., afford cable or online charges)

5. Knowing how to operate the necessary hardware and software (e.g., be "computer literate")