Adding More Convenience: Three of the More Popular Cloud Storage Companies

The internet has become a cesspool of conveniences for most of the public. One idea after another and they just keep on coming up. One good example of this is cloud storage, and its popularity has been very clear to the eye, which is evident in the number of online companies that has offered the service.

The dozens of online companies that offer cloud storage can be considered as good news, but there is one hitch - it also makes picking the best service offered very difficult. They are almost the same in terms of what they can offer, but sometimes the smallest of differences does make a huge gap between them.

If you are on the lookout for the more famous online companies then here is a list of cloud storage companies that you might consider trying.
1. Backblaze

The main purpose for this cloud storage is to make sure that the files within the computer can be backed up anytime, and ultimately be protected from any corruptions which may cause its removal from the hard drive of the computer.
The main tool which is the key for this cloud storage company to function is its control panel. This is where you backup, send, or retrieve any file that you need. However, there are certain files which the company does not allow to be backed up. By default though, it allows music, images, and e-mails. System files are not allowed.
2. Carbonite

This one on the other hand requires you to pay for every additional service that you are asking from them. However, there are certain features which it does not have that most of its competitors do have.
The benefit though is its ability to backup those in your hard drive, which the previous online cloud storage company lacks. This way, you may be able to save some system files. Of course, that is only possible if you pay the fee that is required.
However, by default, it is capable of supporting those in your desktop, audio files, documents, images, settings, email, and video files, which makes the fees justifiable.
3. CrashPlan

This online cloud storage company is the most flexible among its competitors. It is capable of even supporting the Linux and Solaris systems. It is even capable of backing up files which are found in smart phones or in tablets.
It has a free version; however, this does not allow you to back your files from to the internet. Instead, it transmits it to a computer other than yours which could be in work or one of your friends. It can be risky, but, the system encrypts it that only you can gain access to it.
For a fee of $50 a year, you can back your data online for one computer; $120 is for ten computers, maximum.

Such services offered by these cloud storage companies have been so revolutionary. It does provide convenience and a lot of ease, and this list makes it easier for you to decide which one you are going to subscribe.

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