Mrs. Johnson's Reading 8

Haggard Middle School

Welcome to Reading 8!

The information on this page will provide you with things you need to succeed in reading this year.

Calendar and Agenda

Click here for a link to our calendar. Please note: dates and events are subject to change! The calendar will be updated each month.

Click here for our weekly agenda. This gives more detail on what we are doing in class.

NOTE: Our next Vocabulary Quiz will be Friday 1/22/2015.

What's Our Homework?

Your homework for Reading class will always be the same: READ!

You will be graded on your progress through the books that you record on your reading log in class. If you ONLY read during class reading time, this will not be enough time to make a great grade. Read at home every night for at least 15 minutes.

Consider silencing your cellphones (or YES, even shutting them down) and reading in bed before you go to sleep.